How Do I Choose the Best Pedicure Scrub?

Lainie Petersen

When choosing a pedicure scrub, it is important to consider whether you have any allergies or skin sensitivities, whether you like the scent and texture of the scrub, and whether you can afford it. As preferences regarding scrubs and other personal care products vary from individual to individual, you may wish to obtain sample sizes of various types of foot scrubs prior to making a purchase. Some people, particularly those who have wounds on their feet or who have diabetes, may wish to avoid using a pedicure scrub, as it may aggravate or cause skin problems.

A pedicure scrub can help soften the skin on the feet.
A pedicure scrub can help soften the skin on the feet.

Whether you are enjoying a home or professional pedicure, the use of a pedicure scrub is often an integral part of taking care of your feet. The scrub can help remove old, dead skin and make your feet appear smooth, soft, and clean. Many people also find that they greatly enjoy the feeling of the pedicure scrub being massaged into their feet, ankles, and calves. There are numerous different types of scrubs available on the market. Some are available through specialty shops, spas, and salons, while others can be purchased in grocery and drug stores. It is certainly possible to substitute a facial or body scrub for a pedicure scrub, so if you have a scrub that you particularly like, you may wish to try it on your feet.

A pedicure scrub will remove dead skin cells on a person's feet.
A pedicure scrub will remove dead skin cells on a person's feet.

Ideally, using a pedicure scrub should be a pleasant experience. If you use a scented scrub, make sure that you appreciate its fragrance. Pay attention to how a scrub feels on your skin, as you may find that the abrasives used in some scrubs feel better than others. In all cases, you should choose a scrub that is affordable while also delivering good results.

If you have any allergies or skin sensitivities, it is important that you read the ingredient label on any commercial scrub to avoid triggering a reaction. When undergoing a professional pedicure, ask the nail technician for information about the scrub that he or she uses and to either skip the scrub or use a different product if you are concerned about irritation. Another option is to use homemade pedicure scrubs so that you can control the scrub's ingredients. Finally, talk to your doctor if you have diabetes or skin problems, as it may be inadvisable for you to undergo pedicures or use any type of foot care products until your condition improves.

Take note of any potential allergies before choosing a pedicure scrub.
Take note of any potential allergies before choosing a pedicure scrub.

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I like to save money in every way possible, so when I find a product that can multitask, I get it. I found a body scrub tough enough to use on my feet that I could also use once a week as a full body exfoliating treatment. I get the most use possible out of this product.

The texture reminds me of brownie batter before the flour is added, when the sugar is only partially blended into the mix. It is very grainy yet moisturizing at the same time. Slathering it on is like coating my skin in sugary batter that smells like hyacinths.

I love working it into my feet slowly and repetitively. It just feels so good to use something rough yet safe on the hard bottoms of my feet.

Once a week, I will scrub this product in circles over my entire body. This keeps my skin smooth all over.


@ysmina – I don't think I could handle a chocolate body scrub. I used chocolate lotion once, and it made me crave chocolate all day. The only way I could stop the craving was to shower!

So, I stick to floral scented pedicure scrubs. I am trying to lose weight, and I certainly don't need anything that will make me crave food that I don't need.

Did you know that some company actually makes a birthday cake scrub? I can't imagine anyone wanting their feet to smell like cake! That is definitely one for me to avoid.


I once got a pedicure at a seaside salon that was open to the ocean air. They actually offered me a margarita during the pedicure, and they had a pedicure scrub with a scent to match the drink!

Sitting there sipping on a margarita while the matching scent wafted up from my feet and the ocean breeze blew through my hair was one of the highlights of my vacation. Who ever would have thought that you could get an alcoholic pedicure scrub?

I haven't been able to find this scrub anywhere else, but I have found one that is scented like key lime pie, and it reminds me of the margarita scrub. Using it takes me back to that day. I am really affected by scents, so this means a lot to me when choosing a scrub.


I have a body scrub that I use during my pedicures. It has bits of almond shell in it, and these are great abrasives.

The scrub itself does not have a wonderful scent, but that isn't very important to me. What I look for in a pedicure scrub most is its ability to slough off dead skin. So, if a scrub smells great but can't exfoliate very well, I won't buy it.

My almond scrub is the best that I have found. I even prefer it over the ones used in salons.


Wow, I never think so much before buying a scrub. I guess I should!

I usually just check how it smells. I love pedicure scrubs that smell really sweet. I guess it sort of has an aromatherapy effect on me. Pedicures are relaxing in general and it's even better when the pedicure scrub smells great.

My favorite scrub is a chocolate pedicure scrub. I even take this with me to the spa so that that they can use it during my pedicure. I also like pedicure scrubs with fruit scents. They remind me of summer!


This might seem like an odd ingredient in a pedicure scrub, but I like scrubs with moisturizers or natural oils in them.

The reason is because it becomes a complete treatment for my feet. I do like to exfoliate the skin on my feet and get rid of rough skin regularly. However, foot scrubs tend to have a lot of drying ingredients in them and it can be kind of aging to the feet when it's used often.

But there are also pedicure scrubs with moisturizers in them. So it hydrates my feet while also exfoliating it and I don't have to smother my feet in lotion after a pedicure.


It's hard to get a hold of scrub samples and I usually buy scrubs from large stores and pharmacies, so they're pretty affordable. If I have a face or body scrub that doesn't work for me or if it's too abrasive for my body and face, I use it as a pedicure scrub.

I bought a scrub for my face just last week. But it was way too rough for my face and dried and irritated it. So I decided to use it during my home pedicure on the weekend and it worked perfect on my feet.

Once in a while, I also make homemade foot scrubs to use during pedicures. I especially like using coarse sugar crystals as a pedicure scrub. It works quite well and it's all natural!

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