How do I Choose the Best Party Invitations?

Malcolm Tatum

Going with the right party invitations can help set the tone for your party way before the event takes place. When utilized properly, the invitations are not just an announcement of an upcoming get together but can provide some insight into what guests can expect. If you are facing the task of choosing the right party invites for your next event, here are some things to consider.

Invitations to a barbecue might include pictures of hamburgers and hot dogs.
Invitations to a barbecue might include pictures of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Your first task is to define the general nature of the party. While this may seem like a common sense approach, many people don’t really think about this aspect in terms of the invitations. The result is that the invited guests are left wondering if they should bring something along, how they should dress, and what the celebration is all about. By defining the nature of the party, you can go with something other then generic invitations that tell little more than date, time, and place.

Handwritten invitations are more personal than emailed ones.
Handwritten invitations are more personal than emailed ones.

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For example, if you are planning a party in connection with an upcoming holiday, the party invitations should definitely provide visual clues that reinforce the concept of the party. You may choose Christmas party invitations that make use of traditional images such as angels, Santas, snow, or other elements that will easily convey the general purpose and direction of the party. For a Valentine’s Day party, you can go with invitations that bring to mind images of love, such as a heart. Just about every holiday has some imagery connected with the date, so put it to good use with your invitations.

You also want the party invitations to provide the guests with information about the nature of the get together. Are you planning a lively time with dancing and a buffet table? Use the design of the invitations to convey a casual and relaxed air for the event. Perhaps you want to hold a formal dinner party, complete with servants and several courses served individually. Your party invitations should convey the idea that this is an event where full evening attire is necessary. A party invitation to a barbecue by the pool lets guests know that swimsuits and towels are likely to be a good idea by displaying a swimming hole, a grill, and perhaps some fun images of barbecue fare, such as burgers or hot dogs.

The party invitations should also reflect something of the personalities of the host or hostess. If you are a very casual person, an invitation that is somewhat stiff and traditional will make invited guests wonder what is going on. At the same time, if you tend to be a stickler for detail and organization, invitations that convey an air of a relaxed evening may seem a little out of sync with what they know about you. Go with a design and image that manages to incorporate both the tone of the event and the demeanor that the host is likely to exhibit during the event.

Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to party invitations. You can purchase invitations from a local printer or pick up preprinted invitations at a supermarket or discount retail store. The price can range from very affordable to expensive, depending on the design and the number of invitations you need. Keep in mind that if you go with a professional printer, allow plenty of time for the job to be completed and for the invitations to be mailed out.

If mass-produced invitations are not your style, or the budget is very tight, you can go with online resources to create the ideal invitation for your party. There are free templates online for holiday and birthday party invitations as well as many other types of parties. These free party invitations can often be customized and printed directly from a web site. You can also invest in an inexpensive software program and design your own printable party invitations using templates or creating a special design using the various images and clip art on the software.

Party invitations should let guests know whether the party will be formal or casual.
Party invitations should let guests know whether the party will be formal or casual.

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