How Do I Choose the Best Part-Time Physiotherapy Courses?

Solomon Branch

Choosing the best part-time physiotherapy courses is similar to choosing a full-time physiotherapy course, with some minor exceptions. Like choosing a full-time course, you will need to consider the factors that make up the best courses, including whether or not a school is properly accredited and has a good track record with regard to students graduating on time and getting a decent job after completing the program. Choosing a school that has close ties with reputable hospitals is also beneficial.

A physiotherapy session.
A physiotherapy session.

In most cases, you will choose to become either a full-fledged physiotherapist or physiotherapist’s assistant. Physiotherapist’s assistants typically work under a licensed physiotherapist and don’t require as much education. Determining which role you want to inhabit should be the first step in finding the best part-time physiotherapist courses, as the job you choose will determine how much education you need.

A physiotherapist must complete all of her or his courses through an accredited university.
A physiotherapist must complete all of her or his courses through an accredited university.

The process for becoming a physiotherapist, or physiotherapist assistant, varies depending where you are in the world. Different countries offer different degrees and certifications, so the second step in determining the best part-time physiotherapy courses is finding out if taking them will allow you to obtain the necessary degree. Talk with schools and your local government regulating body to see what credentials you need. In addition, find out how much time you have to get the degree, as attending part-time may mean you go over the specified time limit.

After determining the proper requirements, talk to schools to see if they offer part-time physiotherapy courses, as not all of them do. If they do, ensure that you can get the courses you need at the time you need them; some schools offer more flexible schedules than others. Make sure that you can get all the courses you need in the proper amount of time to satisfy your personal and professional goals before entering a program.

Once you find schools that meet the proper criteria, check the statistics as to how many students graduate and how well they do on certification testing. Many schools publish these statistics, as do the governing bodies that offer accreditation. Talking to alumni and current students can also help determine the quality of the part-time physiotherapy courses. Discuss the school’s faculty and their credentials with the administration of the school, ensuring they have a good education and are knowledgeable instructors.

Physiotherapy is a hands-on profession and requires a lot of clinical work. Choosing to take part-time physiotherapy courses will still require practice for that clinical work, so choosing a school that has a reputable clinic or works with properly accredited hospitals is also important. Observing the clinic or the hospital where students practice can be helpful in seeing how they work in a real-world environment.

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