How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Table?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best outdoor table for your home can usually be accomplished by taking the time to consider your particular budget, tastes and needs. For instance, someone with a small apartment balcony and a budget to match is likely to end up with a very different outside table than a person who has a large yard with a swimming pool. Any kind of outside living spaces can be greatly enhanced by an outdoor table that suits the yard's or patio's specific decor features and serves its purpose attractively.

Whatever size, shape and look of an outdoor table one chooses, make sure it stands sturdily.
Whatever size, shape and look of an outdoor table one chooses, make sure it stands sturdily.

In terms of weather protection, an umbrella-covered outside table is usually best for uncovered patios and yard spaces. There may not be room enough for this kind of outdoor table on patios or balconies with low roofs, but the roof usually provides some sun protection anyway. Cheaper patio tables with an umbrella to attach in the center are typically made of plastic. If you prefer something more sophisticated, yet still want the center umbrella feature, choosing a metal frame with a rippled-effect safety, or tempered, glass top can be a good idea.

The size and type of outdoor table you need depends on what you do in your outside space. If you entertain a fairly large group of people, then you may even need several outdoor tables. If this is the case, choosing matching rectangular tables can allow you to use them side by side or place them end to end to create one long table. If you entertain rarely, or don't have the room for it, getting the highest quality table your budget allows and that meets your regular needs for seating the number of people in your household can be a better choice.

Whatever size, shape and look of table you decide on for your outside space, make sure it stands sturdily. An outdoor table that wobbles due to uneven legs can be annoying. Even though placing a wedge of cardboard or other material under the shorter table leg often works to steady it, paying for a new table only to have it wobble is something most people want to avoid.

If your climate only allows you to use your outdoor table part of the year, you may want to choose a folding model so it's easier to store away in the off season. If you'll be using the table year round, you may want to invest more money in choosing something more high-end and attractive. Teak outdoor tables can withstand all types of weather conditions. Plus, wooden or metal tables often look much more attractive than the less expensive plastic outdoor furniture. Wrought iron outside tables can look especially elegant and although they are romantic in their design, the black metal scroll details and open metalwork effect can add strong style to many different kinds of outdoor spaces.

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