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How Do I Choose the Best Online Typing Classes?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

When evaluating online typing classes, you should ensure that the class offers instruction in the language or languages in which you are most likely to type. You will also want to ensure that the class you take offers instruction in the type of keyboard you are most likely to use. Other considerations include whether the online typing classes qualify you for professional certifications and whether you will have access to ongoing typing tests and exercises so you can maintain and improve your skills. While many online typing classes are offered for free, you may also want to consider some courses that offer additional features but also charge a tuition fee.

The online environment has made it very easy to offer online typing classes to anyone who is interested in learning how to type or improving their typing skills. As a result, many organizations now sponsor free or low-cost online typing classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. Reviewing the various classes that are available is typically a matter of simply visiting their websites and comparing course features and curricula. Before you do this, you may wish to write down what you are looking for in typing training. If you are trying to improve your typing skills for work, talk with your supervisor about the skills necessary for your position before choosing a course.

A person typing.
A person typing.

One significant consideration is the type of keyboard that you use most regularly, as there are several alternatives in use. Some typing courses place a significant emphasis on the letter and top row number and punctuation keys, with little attention given to the number pad on the right side of many keyboards. If you want to learn these additional keys, search for online typing classes that offer instruction in their use.

Some online typing classes offer certificates of completion, records of typing tests, and even professional certification. If any of these are important to you or your employer, you should certainly find a school that offers these certifications. You should be aware, however, that many employers will want you to complete an on-site typing speed test regardless of any training credentials that you hold.

If you are planning on learning to type in English, French, or Spanish, you should have little difficulty finding free online typing classes. If you need to learn to type in a different language, you may need to pay for the classes that you take, as these courses may not be in high demand and cannot generate income through advertising revenue. In such cases, it is important to review the reputation of the course provider to ensure that it is a stable company that will not take your money and fail to provide adequate training.

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    • A person typing.
      By: yanlev
      A person typing.