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How Do I Choose the Best Online Philosophy Classes?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

As you look at online philosophy classes, you should consider the type of class you want or need to take and how you want it to contribute to any degree on which you are working. If you are finishing a bachelor’s degree, for example, then you should be sure to choose a class that meets the requirements you have for your courses. You should also be sure to choose classes that are accepted by your college or university or that can transfer to other schools. There are also some online philosophy classes that you can take merely for your own personal development, which may not contribute to a degree.

Online philosophy classes are offered by a number of different schools and programs, allowing you to attend classes according to a schedule that accommodates your needs. One thing you should keep in mind as you look at different courses is the reason you have for taking the class. If you are working toward a degree, then you should choose classes that are necessary for you to complete your program. This may be easiest if you choose courses offered by the school you are attending, though online philosophy classes from another school may still be accepted.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

If you are not currently working toward a degree, however, then you still may want to consider how well any online philosophy classes you take can transfer. Some courses that are offered by prestigious schools can transfer quite easily, while other programs may be accepted only by a handful of other colleges. If you do not plan on using your online philosophy classes toward a degree in the future, and merely want to learn more about the subject, then this is certainly less of a concern. You should still keep it in mind, however, as the ability to transfer credits can potentially indicate how well respected a program is by other schools.

While the ability to transfer your time spent on a course is important, you should also be sure to look for online philosophy classes that appeal to your scholastic interests and experience. If you are just starting off learning about philosophy, then you should typically take an introductory class that will help you learn the history of philosophy in general and a number of philosophical terms and movements. Once you have this knowledge, then you may be able to more easily take advanced courses in philosophy that cover specific subjects you find interesting. It might be easy to get started in a course on medieval philosophy, for example, but it is often best to have a foundational understanding of the subject before exploring the works of a specific philosopher like Socrates or Immanuel Kant.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer