How Do I Choose the Best New Saxophone?

Patti Kate

If you want to buy a new saxophone, you should decide which style interests you most. You can choose a tenor sax or alto sax, among others. Although you might get a good deal on a new saxophone through your local want ads, purchasing from a reputable music store might give you some advantages. If you are a beginning student or if you're uncertain which type of saxophone to buy, consider reading a guide to saxophones. These guides may be found at music stores, online, or at your local library.

New saxophones should be purchased through a reputable music store.
New saxophones should be purchased through a reputable music store.

Various saxophones and other woodwind instruments are designed for beginners, intermediates, and advanced musicians. The advanced saxophone is often recommended for professional musicians. Also, an advanced style of saxophone will most likely have more elaborate detailing and engraving on the body of the instrument. Although pleasing to the eye, the engraving and intricate design will typically be more expensive than more basic instruments.

When you shop for a new saxophone, you'll probably find various brand names to choose from. It's a good idea to buy from a manufacturer known for producing quality musical instruments rather than buying from an unknown company. Regardless of the manufacturer you choose, enlist the advice of an experienced music representative before making your final selection.

The Internet can be a good source of information for anyone interested in buying a new saxophone. If you've found a particular saxophone that interests you, write down the model or serial number. When doing your Internet search, you might be able to find reviews or information on that particular saxophone.

Once you've narrowed down your options, inspect the instrument carefully. Visually inspect every detail of your new saxophone, including the pads and springs. You should also try it out to hear the sound quality and determine if the instrument feels comfortable in your hands.

If you're purchasing a new saxophone for a young child, you might want to avoid buying a soprano sax. These instruments are typically more heavy than many other styles and a young child could have difficulty manipulating it. For the young child or beginner, consider buying an alto or tenor sax, as the keys are not as widely spaced and the instrument is considerably lighter.

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