How Do I Choose the Best Naturopathic Hospital?

Laura M. Sands

Choose the best naturopathic hospital by visiting several and researching each one as diligently as possible. Specifically, look for naturopathic hospitals that employ professionals certified in naturopathic medicine. The hospitals you consider should be clean, well-staffed and have a reputation for providing top-quality naturopathic treatment. If you know someone who has received treatment from a naturopathic hospital, ask for his input on any hospitals you are considering. Consider selecting the naturopathic hospital with the best reputation in alternative medicine and that employs qualified naturopathic doctors who are able to competently treat your unique health needs.

It is important to ensure a naturopathic hospital has open beds if an inpatient stay will be required.
It is important to ensure a naturopathic hospital has open beds if an inpatient stay will be required.

When searching for a naturopathic hospital, it is important to spend time comparing several hospitals to determine which one is best suited for your needs. If possible, make personal visits to view each facility and meet with available staff. Whether you are able to visit or not, it is also important for you to research each hospital’s reputation by performing an Internet search for articles and discussions pertaining to the facility you are considering.

Each naturopathic hospital on your list of considerations should employ trained and qualified naturopathic physicians and nursing staff. Prior to making a decision, inquire about the qualifications needed to practice naturopathy in your jurisdiction. Specifically, ask hospital staff persons whether or not their professional credentials are aligned with these.

If you require inpatient services, be sure that any naturopathic hospital you are considering is clean and has enough bed space to accommodate you. You may also want to inquire about the patient-to-nurse ratio to help determine whether or not there will be enough nurses to offer you the care and attention you desire while convalescing. If at all possible, speak to other patients at the hospital and inquire about their thoughts on the quality of care they are receiving.

Prior to making a final decision, if you know anyone who has received treatment at a naturopathic hospital, ask him about his recommendations as well as his thoughts on any other hospitals you are considering. The hospital you choose should be one with a good record for providing quality health care, as well as one with a reputation for professionalism. Select the hospital that you believe you will be most comfortable accepting treatment from and that has the best record for offering holistic health care.

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