How Do I Choose the Best Natural Skin Care Products?

Felicia Dye

Make sure that you choose natural skin care products that truly are what they claim to be. Avoid products with ingredients that you cannot identify and or those that contain artificial fragrance. You are likely to find the best options at health food stores or on the Internet. Before making your selection, remember that protecting the environment can benefit you as well, so make choices that protect nature.

Many skin care products may claim to be natural, but it's best to check the label to be sure.
Many skin care products may claim to be natural, but it's best to check the label to be sure.

Avoid falling for those products that are marketed toward individuals looking for natural skin care products but that do not really fit the bill. To do this, avoid making a selection based on the name of a product alone. Do not draw conclusions because the package or container says the item is natural. Always read the ingredient list and avoid products that contain items that you cannot identify. Also look for ingredients that are known for their skin care benefits, such as seaweed, black seed, and coconut oil.

Some natural skin care products derive ingredients from fruit.
Some natural skin care products derive ingredients from fruit.

Beware of products whose ingredient list includes “fragrance.” Although this term may seem very direct and you may screw the cap off a product and find favor with the scent, “fragrance” is generally a mask for undisclosed ingredients. Companies are required to disclose what is in a product, but they are not required to disclose the ingredients in their fragrances. Those scents that you adore are often formed by dozens of undisclosed items, and they may not be what you consider natural. If possible, choose fragrance-free natural skin care products.

You may be inclined to go to your usual beauty supply sources when you are are looking for natural skin care products. In most cases, this is not the best option. Department stores, big box retailers, and pharmacies commonly offer products that have some natural ingredients but that also contain ingredients that you would likely want to avoid. Instead, try shopping at a health food store, an organic supply shop, or on the Internet.

When choosing natural skin care products, it is a good idea to think beyond the immediate personal effects of your choices. Making smart selections can also benefit the environment, which affects you too. Be cautious about the ingredients that can have adverse environmental effects. For example, it has been found that triclosan, an antibacterial, leads to antibiotic resistance, kills natural bacteria, and kills aquatic plants when the waste water that it is in makes its way back into the water cycle. Also remember to avoid excessive packaging or packaging that is non-biodegradable.

Avoid products that have unidentifiable ingredients or contain artificial fragrances.
Avoid products that have unidentifiable ingredients or contain artificial fragrances.

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I have used Eminence Organic Skin Care Products religiously. They are all natural and organic and I have seen such an improvement in my skin texture compared to so many other clinical brands.


@shell4life - Yes, I know of two more. I started making my own seaweed body wraps so that I would know exactly what ingredients were coming into contact with my skin.

Lithothamnium calcareum (what a mouthful!) absorbs very well into the body. This seaweed has lots of magnesium and calcium, plus other minerals to restore the body’s tone and vitality while detoxifying and cleansing it as well.

Laminaria digitata (another tongue twister!) is green seaweed full of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins B, C, A, and E. This seaweed encourages collagen production. It accelerates your metabolism, purges your body of toxins, and strengthens your immune system.


Does anyone know what types of seaweed, other than Phytessence Wakame mentioned by @orangey03, are good ingredients to look for in natural skin care products?


I want to start using more organic products in all areas of my life, so for skin care, I researched what ingredients to look for in natural skin care products. The best ingredients have scientific names you would never know to look for if you did not know their meaning. Overall, experts recommend collagen-boosting ingredients over collagen itself, because the molecules of collagen are way to big to penetrate the skin from the surface.

Phytessence Wakame, an exotic kelp, blocks the enzyme in the body that breaks down the glue holding elastin and collagen fibers together. Xtend TK stimulates regrowth of collagen and elastin, helping the skin retain moisture and firmness. CoQ10, a strong antioxidant, is vitamin-like and occurs naturally in our cells. Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is a form of CoQ10 that can penetrate into the skin seven layers deep for an anti-wrinkle effect.

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