How do I Choose the Best Nail Polish Stand?

Felicia Dye

Having a variety of choices of nail color can be a great thing, but when the bottles are not organized, it can be unnerving. You may even forget exactly what you have. That is why it is a good idea to get a nail polish stand if you have more than a few bottles. Before you buy one, however, you may want to make sure you can move it around, that it can hold your other supplies, and that it will not be damaged by any chemicals you use.

Clear nail polish.
Clear nail polish.

Painting your nails may involve several bottles of polish, such as a base coat, color, and quick dry nail polish. You should find a nail polish stand that will allow you to stay organized with all these bottles. This means it should be designed so you can conveniently move it around, instead of leaving it stationary and removing all of the bottles you need and then replacing them later. In order for the stand to be suitable for moving, it must hold the bottles securely in place.

The best nail polish stand should be able to hold all of one's nail supplies.
The best nail polish stand should be able to hold all of one's nail supplies.

Try to find a nail polish stand that can serve as many purposes as possible. Instead of buying a holder for your nail color and another for your tools, find one that can hold as many different items as possible. This can be an especially important tip if you do nails professionally, because your work area may have limited space and having several receptacles may be bothersome to you or your clients.

There are several other things you should think about if the nail polish stand will be used in a professional environment. For example, you want a stand that will allow people to see the color without having to remove the bottle. If you can find one that holds the bottles by their tops instead of their bottoms, you will have better visibility.

Furthermore, if you will use the nail polish stand to display the color choices to your clients, you should make sure it is presentable. This means it should match or complement the other items in the shop or in your work area, including other nail polish stands. Choose a model that will withstand wear and tear, meaning it will not easily bend or break and any paint or designs will not quickly fade or chip off. If you will place the stand in your work area, also make sure chemicals you use will not damage it.

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I don't use many different types of nail polishes, so a small stand was all I needed. I found an old nightstand with a small drawer at a garage sale. After cleaning it up and painting it, the stand was just what I needed to place my nail polishes and other nail grooming supplies like emery boards, nail clippers, cotton balls, and nail polish remover.


Stands that are made specifically for bathroom use make great nail polish stands, because they usually have compartments that prevent items from falling to the floor.

Nail polish bottles are small and easily tipped over and knocked off of a shelf. This is why you need a stand that has sides to each shelf that will keep items safe from being knocked to the floor. Bathroom shelves or caddies are ideal because they come in a variety of styles and shapes. From corner shelving units to those that can be hung on a wall, they are very practical for storing nail polish bottles as well as other items you will need for your manicures.

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