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How Do I Choose the Best Men's Hair Piece?

Tiffany Manley
Tiffany Manley

Choosing a men’s hair piece can often be a difficult task due to the variety of products available to you as a consumer. If you are in the market for one, you might consider the size, style, and fit to determine if it will work well for you. In addition, identifying an item that matches your skin and hair color well might be important to you. Your ultimate focus will likely be how comfortable and natural you feel.

When shopping for a men’s hair piece the size refers to the scalp portion of the item as well as the hair itself. Individual heads vary widely in size and shape, and one size rarely "fits all." You can use a variety of methods to find the correct size for you, such as consulting with a professional hair piece supplier, salon owner, or using information found in books or magazines as a guide. Some companies market self-fitting items meant to alleviate the stress of finding the correct size.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A number of styles are usually available to you when you are shopping for a men’s hair piece. Deciding whether you would like a piece similar to your previous hair style or one completely different will probably help you navigate the many styles there are to choose from. Colors vary as well so you can probably find something that matches your previous hair color or try out a new one.

While fit can sometimes refer to how well the men's hair piece actually conforms to the shape of your head, it usually refers to how comfortable you feel in the item and how well it looks on your head. If you are purchasing on the Internet, this might be a bit tricky until you have made enough purchases to determine what you like. When shopping in a store you can likely try on a variety of items and determine which one fits your needs and wants the best.

Another consideration when choosing a men’s hair piece is whether the materials used in the product match your skin color and any remaining hair you have. The portion of the piece that will touch your scalp might be visible, so you will likely want it to match the color of your skin. In addition, any remaining hair that will not be adequately covered should be matched to the new hair color.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book