How do I Choose the Best Men's Athletic Sandals?

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Men’s athletic sandals are designed to provide support and comfort while engaged in ongoing physical activity. Before purchasing any pair of sandals, it is important to determine what type of activities you will engage in while wearing the footwear, what you need in the way of cushioning, and the choice of materials that would be most appropriate.

Athletic sandals are designed with more support.
Athletic sandals are designed with more support.

As with any type of men’s shoes, it is important for the sandals to offer proper support. This means that the cushioning will be sufficient to absorb some of the stress created on the feet and legs while distance walking or trail walking. At the same time, the support should relieve pressure on the heel and tendons along the back of the ankle. This will help to minimize the opportunity for swelling of the ankle and general stiffness in the area the following day.

Sandals appropriate for walking around the mall may not be designed for hiking in the woods.
Sandals appropriate for walking around the mall may not be designed for hiking in the woods.

Along with making sure that the men’s athletic sandals you choose offer adequate support and cushioning, you also want to buy footwear that is appropriate for the activities you have in mind. There are subtle but important differences between anatomic sandals designed for walking around the mall and men’s athletic sandals that are intended for use on trails through the woods. In the long run, going with sandals that are ideally suited for activities you enjoy regularly will make a huge difference in the health of your lower legs and feet, as well as your lower back.

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With men’s athletic sandals today, there are options when it comes to the choice of materials. You can go with synthetic materials that will hold up very well, but lack some of the flexibility that is found with natural materials, such as leather. You may want to look into a hybrid sandal that combines a supportive sole for the foot but uses leather straps for maximum comfort while walking.

Like all men’s footwear, there are a few issues that you want to avoid with your new men’s athletic sandals. Pairs that tend to rub on the back of the heel are not a good option, as that can lead to the development of blisters. The same is true with the supporting straps along the top of the sandals. Ideally, they will adjust to create a snug fit that does not rub the instep when you walk. At the same time, the sole should conform to the contours of your foot in order to provide the right level of support. Cheap sandals with flat soles usually do not provide what you need.

Be prepared to spend a little money in order to buy the right men’s athletic sandals. While a quality pair is more expensive, they are also likely to outlast cheaper versions by several years. In the long run, going for quality will translate into better health for your feet and legs, as well as making it unnecessary to buy new sandals every couple of years.

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