How do I Choose the Best Masonry Products?

Sonal Panse

Choosing the best masonry products is sure to improve the quality and longevity of a masonry structure, especially when coupled with solid workmanship. As different projects usually require different masonry materials, it is best to consult an experienced mason when purchasing masonry supplies. This will also help to have an overall budget in mind.

Masonry walls that are able to withstand seismic movements are suggested in areas that are prone to earthquakes.
Masonry walls that are able to withstand seismic movements are suggested in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

It is advisable too to get acquainted with the steps and procedures involved in masonry construction. Commercial or home masonry projects being built from scratch, for instance, proceed in a different way from masonry restoration or masonry repair projects. In all these cases, factors like structure type, location and exposure to weather elements have to be taken into consideration.

Being well-informed about local building regulations is equally essential. There may be restrictions to building certain kinds of structures in some areas, or to using certain types of masonry materials. Historical structures usually require a permit before any masonry restoration work can be undertaken. They also require the use of low density masonry products that conform with the ones originally used.

On the other hand, high density, steel-reinforced masonry products are needed in modern high-rise structures and buildings in earthquake-prone areas. These ensure strong foundations and masonry walls that are able to withstand seismic movements. The choice in masonry units like stone, brick or block may be a matter of economics, convenience or aesthetics. The issue of maintenance is also important when considering masonry products.

In addition to consulting a building professional, it is a good idea to check out the buildings in the local area. It might help to make a few inquiries, if possible, about the masonry materials used in their construction, repair or restoration. Checking the pros and cons of different masonry products on the Internet can also prove immensely useful.

Reviewing and comparing different brands and prices can help in making an informed choice. Once the basic information is available, it is time to make a list of the required masonry products and masonry equipment. Most of these can be purchased locally; a more sustainable option than having masonry supplies transported from afar.

Buying branded masonry products is generally recommended as they come with a quality assurance. They can be purchased in required types and strengths, and will usually hold up to performance expectations. There will be no concerns about their safety and longevity since they are tried and tested materials in widespread use.

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