What are the Different Types of Home Masonry?

M.R. Anglin
M.R. Anglin
Facing bricks and stone are types of exterior home masonry.
Facing bricks and stone are types of exterior home masonry.

Many different types of home masonry can be used for a building project. The design, function, and overall look of the home are a few of the factors that will help a homeowner decide which material he will use. There are several different types of home masonry available for use such as brick, block, stone, and concrete. Each of these materials not only provides a different look but also has different properties associated with them. This is why it is important to research the material to make sure it is appropriate for your home and climate.

One home masonry material that has been used in many different buildings around the world is brick. Brick is basically clay molded into shape and fired in a kiln. It is usually laid with mortar, a material that helps to keep the building units together. There are many different types of bricks each with different purposes; including building bricks, facing bricks, firebrick, and paving bricks.

Often similar in shape to bricks, but many times much heavier and larger, are blocks. Rather than being made out of clay, these home masonry units can be made out of concrete or adobe. While many blocks are rectangular and gray in color, some can be made in various shapes and styles. A block can also be finished in different ways to increase the aesthetics of the material. Some of the different types of blocks available are stretchers, end blocks, and cappers.

While many home masonry materials must be bought, there are some that can be found. Stone is one such material. A builder can either buy quarried stone or find the stone himself. Then he can decide whether or not to lay the stone with mortar or without. Open field stone is the term used to describe stone found in fields, streams, and other such places. Examples of quarried stone are marble, slate, and flagstone.

Concrete is a home masonry material that can be used in several applications. It is used in driveways, walkways, and even as steps. A builder can either mix up their own concrete formula or purchase it in ready made bags. When purchased in a bag, all you have to do is add enough water to the mix to obtain the proper consistency. It is also possible to do away with the mixing all together and have the concrete delivered so it is ready to go.

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    • Facing bricks and stone are types of exterior home masonry.
      By: rickster007
      Facing bricks and stone are types of exterior home masonry.