How do I Choose the Best Laundry Room Decor?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Laundry detergent.
Laundry detergent.

When choosing your laundry room decor, deciding on a general theme or mood such as elegant or whimsical may help you focus on the look you want. Since laundry rooms are relatively small areas, it's a good idea to put together a cohesive look no matter what kind of overall style you end up choosing. Also because of the small space, keeping to two or three colors at the most can keep any type of theme tasteful. You may also want to keep your laundry room decor in coordination with the main style of your home, such as country or modern.

Laundry baskets help organize dirty laundry.
Laundry baskets help organize dirty laundry.

Especially if you have a newer, stylish type of washing machine and dryer set, a modern decor for your laundry room can work well. Modular cabinets can add a clean look to a contemporary laundry room decor. Avoid any sign of clutter by having everything you need in the room neat and organized. For example, consider having attractive canisters of laundry detergent and other supplies lined up neatly on a shelf.

One color and one neutral can create a fresh-looking, modern space. Whether you decide on pale blue and white or dark red and black, your modern laundry room makeover can be dramatic, yet tasteful. You don't necessarily need to have a colored washer and dryer to make an impact, but rather painting the room can create the effect. Rather than painting it all one color though, consider a bright accent wall with those in a neutral color for a creatively modern look.

A country style of laundry decor can be whimsical and as detailed in design as you like. For instance, you may want to add wallpaper to the space to help set the theme. Viewing different wallpaper patterns can also inspire certain themes such as a country meadow complete with butterflies. You could use fresh greens and sunny yellows for your laundry room decor with a butterfly theme repeating. Stenciling and painting a butterfly motif on clear canisters that hold laundry detergent is an example of an idea that may be inspired from a colorful wallpaper design.

When planning a laundry room makeover, remember to keep the space efficient as well as decorative. For instance, an attractive wall clock can add to laundry room decor while also being a practical addition for timing washer and dryer loads. A large wastebasket is another practical necessity for a laundry room that can also be purchased in an attractive style.

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I never really thought of my laundry room having a "design"! Now I want to paint it a pretty color.

I *do,* however, pay a lot of attention to how it is organized. The thing about the laundry room is that it tends to collect a lot of other "stuff" and having the right organizing supplies makes all the different.

If you store your mops and brooms in there, try a wall rack instead of letting them fall all over each other in a corner or a cupboard. If you store grocery bags to reuse, get one of those handy dispensers that you stuff the bags in.

I find that a shelf right over the washer is absolutely the best way to go for storing the detergent and whatnot. That way, it is always in easy reach. If you have one of those front-loaders, resist the temptation to store a bunch of stuff on top of it just because it's flat. It looks bad and isn't as handy as you think.

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    • Laundry detergent.
      Laundry detergent.
    • Laundry baskets help organize dirty laundry.
      Laundry baskets help organize dirty laundry.