How Do I Choose the Best Ideas for a Laundry Room?

Dan Cavallari

One of the biggest issues most homeowners have with their laundry rooms is storage space. There never seems to be enough, so many ideas for a laundry room involve capitalizing on available storage space and adding more if necessary. Before you go making any changes, first determine what your needs are for the space, and what specific complaints you have about your laundry room. If usable space is an issue, begin researching storage options. If you are having problems with flooding, you will look into other ideas for a laundry room. If your issue with the room is just aesthetics, you have a whole set of options to improve the look of the room.

A laundry room may contain shelving for storage.
A laundry room may contain shelving for storage.

Laundry rooms can be difficult to keep clean, so one way to improve the cleanliness as well as the aesthetics of the room is to install a tile floor. Tiles are easy to clean, will resist water damage to a point, and will add a brighter aesthetic to an otherwise drab space. Other ideas for a laundry room to improve both aesthetic and function is to raise the washer and dryer off the ground. This is especially important if the laundry room has a concrete floor; raising the units off the ground will help prevent rust and corrosion from the dampness in the room, and it will help protect the floors from dents, cracks, and scratches should the washer or dryer move for any reason.

Laundry baskets help organize dirty laundry.
Laundry baskets help organize dirty laundry.

Organizational ideas for a laundry room include using storage bins, drawers, shelves, and closet door organizers as well as other hanging organizers. Many laundry rooms are quite small, so storage space is usually quite invaluable. If you cannot install shelves, consider purchasing some plastic bins that can be placed in cabinets. These bins will keep items organized and help prevent clutter. They can also be placed on the ground if space allows, and they are often light enough to be moved easily. Wall organizers and closet organizers are two more great ideas for a laundry room, as larger objects such as mops and brooms can be hung from them rather than tucked into a corner or in an inaccessible spot.

Laundry baskets often clutter a laundry room. One way to avoid this is to designate a specific space for each basket. These baskets can slide neatly underneath shelves, so dirty laundry can be stored without being an unsightly mess. Consider using a laundry bag instead of a basket, and keep the bag in one specific place in the laundry room. This will prevent scattered clothing and baskets from littering the room.

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