How Do I Choose the Best Lace-Up Wellington Boots?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The best lace-up Wellington boots will be comfortable, well made, and fit your budget. Before you begin shopping, you should figure out how much you plan on wearing your boots, as this will usually affect your budget. There are many places to buy lace-up Wellington boots, including stores, online retailers, and catalogs.

Lace-up Wellington boots are both stylish and practical. From time to time, Wellington boots resurface as a trendy fashion statement, regardless of the weather. Even without a fad spurring sales, the durable waterproof design of Wellingtons make them a popular and classic rain boot.

There are two basic styles of lace-up Wellington boots: knee and ankle length. The knee length is the classic design of rain boot. The ankle length is shaped more like a hiking boot, and it fits snugly. Both provide excellent protection from dampness and rough, messy terrain.

In order to determine your budget, you need to figure out if you will be using your boots often or infrequently. If you are purchasing them because you are following a fashion trend, you probably shouldn't spend too much money on them. Chances are, the trend will be over in a matter of months.

There are many department stores and chain stores that produce off-brand, Wellington style boots. They are inexpensive and often have attractive colors, prints and patterns. Typically, these boots do not provide good support and aren't very study. For infrequent wear, however, they are the best option.

For daily use, whether it is because of regular inclement weather or outdoor work, you will need to budget a greater amount of money to purchase high quality lace-up Wellington boots. If you will be wearing these boots every day, you will want good support in the sole, excellent construction, and durability.

To ensure the best fit and quality, you should see the boots in person before you buy. If you cannot find a store in your area that carries Wellington boots, you will have to order them. Make sure that the return policy is generous, with at least a 30 day grace period, and if possible, choose a company that will pay for shipments and returns.

It is important to thoroughly inspect your boots before you buy them. Check the seams of the boot to ensure that they are properly attached together. Any gaps in the seams will compromise the integrity of the shoe by letting in water. Make sure the sole is properly cushioned and lined and that the boot is flexible.

If the boots appear to be well made, then try them on. Try on both shoes, since it is not uncommon for one foot to be slightly different than the other, and walk at least five minutes in the boots. Do anything that you expect you would do while wearing the boots, including bending down or standing on tip toe. They should be comfortable in both the toe box and the shaft of the boot.

The boots have to be a little loose so that you can take them on and off. A well made pair often has a buckle at the back of the shaft, near the calf, for adjustment. Beware of boots that are too loose. They may impair your ability to walk quickly and can slide off at the most inopportune times.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip