How Do I Choose the Best Lace-Up Fur Boots?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

The best lace-up fur boots will fit your budget, style, and needs. You can find lace-up fur boots online, in catalogs, and in stores. Before you begin shopping, you should decide how much you plan to spend and what style of boot you need.

When shopping for boots, bring socks if you intend to wear thicker ones.
When shopping for boots, bring socks if you intend to wear thicker ones.

If you plan on wearing these boots for outdoor work, or sports like hiking and camping, you will need a sturdy, durable design. It will also need to provide good support, as you will be exercising when using it, and fit comfortably. You may have to pay more to get a good quality boot, but that is better than purchasing a cheap pair of boots that wear out quickly or hurt your feet.

For trendy use, comfort and durability probably aren't as important as style. Brand name may also be important to you. In that case, be prepared to pay more. Keep in mind that there are many off-brand labels that make trendy shoes that look like the designer style but that cost a lot less.

To determine how much you should pay for a pair of shoes, think about how often you plan on wearing them. If you believe that you'll wear your lace-up fur boots for a season or two, then don't spend too much money. Alternatively, if you plan on wearing this pair of boots for many years, don't compromise on quality and comfort because they cost more.

There are many styles of lace-up fur boots. The main difference among them is in height. Ankle height comes to the ankle or a few inches above. Knee height is typically within a couple of inches of the knee cap. There are also some calf height styles available. For cold weather, a knee high boot is cozy and warm. Ankle height boots, however, take less time to put on and give more support to the ankle.

The heel height can also vary from nearly flat to several inches. Of course, if you are purchasing a trendy boot, a high heel may be appropriate. If you plan to use these boots as work boots, or if you do a lot of walking every day, you will want a heel that is less than 2 inches high.

Lace-up fur boots can be made with authentic or faux fur. There is a great difference in price between the two. Authentic fur is also difficult to care for, but it may offer waterproof qualities that faux fur does not. Although not really a type of fur, shearling is an alternative. It is wool that is still attached to the sheep's skin and is more durable than fur and, in some cases, less expensive.

Fur boots typically come in neutral colors, like black, brown, tan, or gray. Choose a color that best matches the clothes you intend to wear with the boots. Keep in mind that lighter colors show stains more readily.

When shopping for boots, remember to bring the socks you intend to wear with the boots, especially if they are thicker than ordinary socks. Walk several paces around the store in both shoes before deciding whether they are a good fit. Also, try standing on your tip toes to see if the shoe box offers enough flexibility.

Of course, it is easier to judge a shoe in person than through a picture, but if you do shop online, study the sizing chart carefully. You should also check the return policy. If possible, purchase from a company which offers free shipping and returns so that you can exchange sizes or styles if necessary.

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    • When shopping for boots, bring socks if you intend to wear thicker ones.
      By: Bert Folsom
      When shopping for boots, bring socks if you intend to wear thicker ones.