How do I Choose the Best Kid's Yoga DVD?

Erin J. Hill

You can choose the best kid’s yoga DVD by browsing available options either in your local video or department store or online. Be sure to keep your child’s personality and skill level in mind before making a purchase. Ask your child what types of videos he or she may be interested in to get an idea of what sort of kid’s yoga DVD may be most appropriate. For instance, there may be options which combine yoga moves with more upbeat music and aerobic movements, while others will feature more traditional yoga instructions.

A child's skill level and personality make a difference in the type of yoga DVD a parent should buy.
A child's skill level and personality make a difference in the type of yoga DVD a parent should buy.

The first place you may decide to check for a kid’s yoga DVD is the local video store, department store, or health store. This will allow you to ask questions before you buy. Online shopping may give you a better selection, though, and you can often take advantage of customer reviews on the website.

Before making a decision on which kid’s yoga DVD to buy, consider your individual child. If your child is not currently active and leads a more sedentary lifestyle, you should focus on yoga programs that are tailored to beginners. This will allow him to ease into exercise without straining himself. Children who are more active or athletic but have never tried yoga before may also benefit from a beginner’s video, but can likely progress to more advanced options quickly.

Your child’s personality should also play a large role in choosing the best kid’s yoga DVD. For instance, if your child is bored easily and needs a lot of stimulation to hold his attention, a program that combines yoga with aerobics or other fast paced activities may work better than traditional yoga. Quieter or more relaxed children may appreciate the more contemplative movements yoga has to offer throughout the entire DVD.

Price is also an issue when choosing a yoga program, primarily if you aren’t sure whether or not your child will enjoy the video. Aside from tailoring the DVD to your child as much as possible, you may also consider trying various options before you purchase to see how each one works out. You can likely find yoga DVDs at your local library, or you may be able to borrow from friends who have children involved in yoga. Try each option for at least a week in order to give your child time to adjust to the new schedule, and then determine whether or not the kid’s yoga DVD you are using is worth buying.

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I recently bought a huge collection of yoga DVDs from Playful planet. All the DVDs are awesome. It's fun watching them.

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