How do I Choose the Best Kids' Fitness DVD?

Erin J. Hill

To choose the best kids’ fitness DVD, it is important to consider your child’s likes and dislikes, his or her physical activity level, and what equipment or space limitations you have in your home. There are various videos to choose from, so finding something your child will enjoy shouldn’t be a problem. Visit local department or video stores to look at their selection, or visit your local library and check out options they have available to give them a trial run before you buy. Internet retailers are also a valuable resource for picking out kids’ fitness DVD options, especially since there may be customer reviews for popular products to give you an idea of what you should expect from a given video.

Children may benefit from watching a video featuring a mini trampoline.
Children may benefit from watching a video featuring a mini trampoline.

You should also consider your child’s interests before making a kids’ fitness DVD purchase because if your child is bored, he or she won’t continue using the video. If your child enjoys ball games, you may consider an exercise ball routine. Similarly you may choose a video featuring a mini trampoline, jump rope, or climbing toys. If you do not have access to these options, they are easily found at local sporting goods stores, or you can choose a kids’ fitness DVD that promotes thing like jumping jacks, dancing, or hopping up and down instead of those which require specified equipment.

If your child is not very active, you should remember to choose a kids’ fitness DVD that is suitable for beginners. More active children may be comfortable with more advanced workouts, and athletic children who participate in organized sports will likely be happiest with challenging workouts that will test their endurance. Advise any child who is not used to exercising daily to take things slowly in order to prevent exhaustion and injury.

Some children, primarily inactive ones, may be hesitant to try a new kids’ fitness DVD. If this is the case for your child, try doing the program with him until he warms up to the idea. Show him how fun exercise can be, and consider making the workout program a contest. For instance, offer an incentive to keep at it, like a new toy that will promote his new healthy lifestyle. Examples include a new soccer ball, jump rope, or bike. Just remember that not all children are athletically inclined, so celebrate your child’s effort rather than his ability to get all the moves perfectly coordinated.

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