How Do I Choose the Best Kettlebell Courses?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen
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Man boxing

Your primary consideration in choosing kettlebell courses should be finding an instructor who can teach you how to safely exercise using kettlebells. You should also find an instructor who can assist you in developing techniques that help you to meet your fitness goals. Carefully review the credentials of an instructor and make sure that he holds appropriate certifications from recognized fitness training boards in the country where you live. Be particularly careful when considering non-personal kettlebell courses, such as those taught via video or through books, as these programs may not be able to adequately prepare you for safe kettlebell use.

The kettlebell is a type of hand weight that consists of a weighted sphere attached to a handle. Individuals grasp the weights by their handle and use them in exercise routines. While there are many advocates of kettlebell training, many of them strongly agree that the misuse of the hand weight can be dangerous and that proper training through quality kettlebell courses is necessary to help ensure that an exerciser will not injure himself while using weights.

When considering kettlebell classes, you may want to begin your evaluation by finding out more about the class instructor. Ideally, she should hold professional certification in personal training from a reputable personal physical fitness organization. You may also find that some instructors have health care degrees and credentials that may add to their knowledge of the human body, thus enhancing their ability to work with you to develop safe, effective routines. It is also important to find out where the instructor got her training in kettlebell instruction and how long she has been teaching kettlebell exercises to others. If possible, try and talk to other trainers and students to get referrals to good instructors or opinions of the instructors whom you have already found on your own.

While kettlebell courses do exist in book and video format, you should be very cautious of relying on these sources as your only form of instruction. You may wish to combine routines and techniques taught in these books or videos with those taught by your own personal kettlebell instructor. Before doing this, however, it is a good idea to show the books or videos to your trainer to get his opinion of their value and to find out whether he believes that it is advisable for you to practice the routines presented in these sources.

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