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How do I Choose the Best Internet Marketing Strategy?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

The best Internet marketing strategy increases traffic to the Website, includes search engine optimization, has defined targets and is part of an overall marketing strategy. Any business that sells goods or services must have a marketing strategy. A well-defined strategy is based on the profile of potential customers, the product offering and the competition. The increased use of the Internet to share information and provide access to online shopping has created the need for an Internet marketing strategy. While the Internet has expanded the potential customer base, it also requires the development of different business practices.

The first step for any business thinking about an Internet marketing strategy is to create an online presence. This includes creating a Website that lists your products and company history and provides access to customer service. In addition to an information-based Website, companies that offer products should create an online shopping catalog. This tool allows potential clients to view products in detail and purchase them directly.

Customers need to find the products they want and purchase them quickly and securely online.
Customers need to find the products they want and purchase them quickly and securely online.

Once the tools are in place for clients to purchase items over the Internet, the next step is to develop an Internet marketing strategy. Make a list of the top goals or metrics for the business within a specific time period. Keep these goals realistic, and focus on sales through the Internet. Identify an ideal consumer profile for Internet sales.

Using these metrics as a guide, Website analytical tools can identify sites that would be visited by your target client group. Create online advertisements and blog posts. Many businesses hire professional bloggers to generate activity and interest on social networking websites. This type of strategy is based on the concept of viral marketing, where people become interested in a product based on word-of-mouth information.

A search engine is a Website that allows users to enter key words or phrases. The search engine then provides a list of results from the Internet that closely match the requested information. Naturally, the higher the ranking for your Website, the greater number of visitors to your site.

Search engine optimization is a set of techniques in Website creation that are designed to increase the ranking results. Options include the repetition of key words or phrases, managing the structure of the Website and the creation of meta tags. It is important to note that most people will look at only the first three or four results from a Web search. The time and effort required to create a Website that is optimized for search engines is the most efficient way to increase Website traffic.

Clearly defined traffic and sales targets are required to effectively measure the success or failure of any Internet marketing strategy. Without these targets, it is impossible to measure the performance of the strategy and the impact of any adjustments. Ideally, these metrics are part of the overall marketing strategy of the organization, creating a cohesive business plan.

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@Melonlity -- I'm not sure about studies, but one thing that seems to aggravate people are irritating pop up ads and other things that distract Website visitors. Of course, ads that are passive don't get a lot of attention, but aren't those better than ads that attract too much attention?


Good tips, but something has to be said about SEO -- a lot of businesses created "dummy" content designed to help increase their search engine rankings and pull in visitors. However, that strategy can be self-defeating. Good, solid content targeted toward the intended audience yields a lot better results than keyword stuffing and other search engine tricks that annoy people.

Have any studies been done on what strategies best promote a business and which ones annoy potential customers?

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    • Customers need to find the products they want and purchase them quickly and securely online.
      By: Minerva Studio
      Customers need to find the products they want and purchase them quickly and securely online.