How do I Choose the Best International Merchant Account?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

Running an international business often means accepting payments in different currencies. It may also mean accepting payments via credit cards that are not commonly used in your own country. To do this, you may need an international merchant account, and choosing the best one may help ensure that your payments are processed securely and efficiently. As you compare international merchant accounts to choose the best one, you may consider the credit cards you’ll be able to process through a particular account as well as the countries the provider serves. You may also do well to choose the provider that offers the lowest payment processing and sign-up fees.

Man holding a globe
Man holding a globe

When you’re trying to choose the best international merchant account, among the most important things to consider are the types of credit cards you will be able to accept and the cards your customers are most likely to use. People who opt for international merchant accounts often look for providers that allow them to process Visa®, Mastercard®, Eurocard®, and Diner’s Club® transactions. If your customers frequently use a different type of credit card, you’ll want to make sure the international merchant account provider you choose covers that credit card as well.

Fees are also important when you are comparing international merchant account options. You’ll likely want to choose the merchant account provider that offers the lowest possible fees. This is due to the fact that higher fees mean less profit for your business. You may also do well to read the small print on an international merchant account contract before you sign it. Some merchant account providers charge a lot of small, hidden fees that can add up to a significant sum.

Sign-up fees may also be an important consideration when you are trying to choose the best international merchant account. You may prefer to choose a merchant account provider that doesn’t charge any application or sign-up fees. If you cannot find one that is free all of the time, you may find a provider with a special offer that allows for a free or discounted sign-up charge.

When you’re comparing international merchant account providers, it is also important to check whether or not they will serve businesses in your country. Some merchant account providers will offer services to businesses in numerous countries, while others will only provide accounts to businesses in a few countries. If you overlook this step in comparing providers, you may get midway through the process of applying before you realize the company will not serve you.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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