How do I Choose the Best Human Resources Classes?

Sheri Cyprus

To choose the best human resources (HR) classes, understand your purpose in wanting to gain the education. For example, are you preparing for a promotion or are you just getting started in your human resources career? The HR career level you're currently at can make a difference in the kind of human resources classes you'll need to take. It's a good idea to speak with employers offering HR jobs that you want about the types of courses they prefer applicants to have completed.

A human resources manager conducting an interview.
A human resources manager conducting an interview.

You can also read human resources job ads online and in newspapers to compare the education requirements asked for in each ad. If you have no formal education in the field, or just a few classes, taking HR courses on a part-time basis may be a good idea. This way, you can ease into a career in human resources while earning income at another job. No matter your exact situation, the closer you can match human resources classes with your career goals, the better use you can make of your HR education.

If you're prepared to invest a few years into a degree and are set on a career in human resources, it may work to your advantage to take HR classes as part of a program. Programs to consider are a bachelor's of business with a major in human resources or a master's of human resources management degree. Consider the time limit you have in which to earn a certain degree — especially if you plan on working and taking the required human resources classes part time.

Being enrolled in an HR degree program may make it easier to get an entry-level or internship position in human resources. Taking human resources classes online or attending courses at night can free daytime hours for on-the-job work in the field. Some online human resources programs are structured to be mostly completed on weekends. Consider which type of time structure would work best for your career goals and employment needs. Don't forget to think about the exam component of human resources classes and where you would have to travel to take course examinations.

Classes in business, finance and labor law are important for careers in human resources management. Social science classes such as psychology and sociology are also helpful. Human resources classes should cover the main areas of HR, which are recruitment, personnel development and employee evaluation.

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