How do I Choose the Best Hot Tub Movers?

J. Beam
J. Beam
A hot tub.
A hot tub.

If you have a hot tub you would like to move from one location to another, you will most likely want to hire someone with the equipment to do it. Hot tubs are large, bulky, heavy, and awkward to move and require care when handling so as not to break mechanical parts or damage the tub. Depending on where you live, there may be hot tub movers in your local phone book, but if not, you might be able to contract the move out to other movers.

Before you agree to have your hot tub moved, consider the following potential problems. If your hot tub is fairly new and still under warranty, check with your original hot tub dealer before moving to make sure you won’t void the warranty. Most hot tub and spa retailers contract their own delivery service and then send a technician to install and hook it up. If you are the original owner of the hot tub, you might contact the same movers who delivered it.

If you are moving an existing hot tub to a new home or you purchased one from an individual, a warranty most likely doesn’t apply. In this case, look for hot tub movers in your area and if that fails, try contacting a piano moving company. Piano movers sometimes contract with spa dealers and may agree to move your hot tub. Piano movers are as typically as competent and well-equipped to move a unit as hot tub movers. Whoever you hire for the move, you want to be sure to use a company with a lift truck, which will greatly reduce the risk of damage to your spa or hot tub from accidental dropping while loading.

In the event that you simply wish to remove an old hot tub from your property, the quality of the move is of less concern than the proper disposal. If the unit is in good working condition, you can most likely advertise the hot tub free for removing. Many people would be willing to make removal arrangements in exchange for taking a used hot tub off someone’s hands. If the unit isn’t working, check with recycling centers or junk haulers in your area. Be sure to ask if they will disassemble the unit for you or if you will need to perform that task yourself.

The biggest obstacle you may encounter when searching for hot tub movers is a guarantee from damage. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a mechanical problem, leak, or other damage to a spa or hot tub unit was actually caused by the move or was a pre-existing problem. It’s also difficult to prove and movers who know very little about the structure and mechanical functions of a hot tub may be hesitant to guarantee the move. In the hands of a competent mover, it is unlikely that anything will go wrong, but it’s always best to leave it to movers with experience in moving large objects. If you have trouble locating hot tub movers in your area, call a spa retailer and ask them for recommendations.

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    • A hot tub.
      A hot tub.