How do I Choose the Best Home Gym System?

Dan Cavallari

Choosing the best home gym system can be daunting since there are so many choices on the market today. The best way to choose the home gym system that is right for you is to decide how much money you are comfortable spending on the home gym system, what your fitness goals are, how much space you have in your home to accommodate a home gym system, and how many people will be using the system, as well as how often. These factors will all help determine the best system for you, but before purchasing any system, be sure to try several and see which ones you are most comfortable using.

Elevated risers are a cheaper alternative to a stair master in a home gym.
Elevated risers are a cheaper alternative to a stair master in a home gym.

For most homeowners, space is an issue when choosing a home gym system. If you are planning on putting the system in a larger area like a garage, you will have more options than if you are putting the gym in a bedroom or living room. Most systems are not exactly compact, meaning the gym will be a noticeable presence in living rooms or common areas. If you are planning on putting a home gym system in a living room or common area, it may be a wise decision to choose something more compact, like a set of free weights that can be hidden behind a couch, or an exercise ball that can also be hidden away behind furniture.

For larger areas, a gym system will work perfectly. Most home gym systems feature a variety of exercises, and before purchasing, you should decide whether the featured exercises will help you achieve your fitness goals. You must also decide if the exercises are easy to perform and set up; some home gyms require the user to change the position of bars, weights, or cables, so check to make sure all of these features are easy to move into place and easy to return to the original position. All exercises on the home gym should work together, so make sure the exercises are a logical grouping that will work the muscles you want to work.

The quality of the home gym system will dictate how much you get out of it. A cheaper unit made from inadequate materials will cause you frustration, meaning you are likely to use the unit far less. Stronger materials such as aluminum or steel provide adequate strength and support, though such metals will make the unit much heavier in the event you have to move the unit. Make sure seats and moving arms are padded adequately to provide comfort during a workout.

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