How Do I Choose the Best Holistic Cancer Treatment?

Patti Kate

To find the best holistic cancer treatment you need to do some research on alternative cancer treatments and find a specialist in your area. Your local health food store may have periodicals or publications that list these specialists and their locations. You should check credentials of any potential doctor before consulting with him for treatment options. It is crucial before beginning any holistic cancer treatment to consult with your oncologist to assure the alternative program will not be detrimental to your traditional treatment as prescribed.

Patients should first consult with a licensed physician before pursuing holistic cancer treatment.
Patients should first consult with a licensed physician before pursuing holistic cancer treatment.

After locating a local physician who offers holistic cancer treatment, you need to schedule an appointment for consultation. During your initial meeting, you need to ascertain information regarding credentials and experience. Be sure the doctor is board certified. Inquire about his experience in offering holistic cancer treatments and his success rates. Be certain the doctor is willing to work with you, listen to your concerns, and offer the best possible options for an alternative treatment program for your type of cancer.

If you have health issues such as food or drug allergies, be sure to mention this to the doctor. If you have other special requirements, such as adhering to a vegetarian diet, this too may need to be incorporated into your holistic cancer treatment program. It is important to consider possible interactions with other medications you use, such as drugs for high blood pressure or diabetes, before beginning alternative treatment for cancer. Discuss this with your alternative doctor to assure any course of action will not interact with your current treatment.

When you discuss your holistic cancer treatment options with your new doctor, ask many questions. One of the most important inquiries should pertain to any potential side effects of the proposed treatment plan. Have a note pad and pen in hand to jot down important notes, such as potential side effects and precautions that may be needed before beginning the treatment.

If you are interested in non-toxic or holistic type of chemotherapy (chemo), ask the doctor about the protocol regarding this treatment option. If applicable, speak with the director of the clinic or a naturopathic oncologist who can answer any questions you may have. If you are considering switching from traditional chemo to an experimental non-toxic regimen, again consult with your existing doctor first. Get the opinions of both sides, then make your decision based upon facts and statistics, rather than assumptions.

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