How Do I Choose the Best Hairstyles for Straight Hair?

Patti Kate

When considering hairstyles for straight hair, it's good to consult with a hair stylist for advice. She can suggest hairstyles that will work best with your hair type and shape of your face. In addition, you should browse through hairstyling magazines for ideas. Also, search the Internet for hairstyle simulators you can try out to give you an idea of how you'd look with a particular haircut. Hairstyles for straight hair can be long, mid-length, or short, and you'll need to decide which is the most flattering look.

A hairstylist cutting a short bob.
A hairstylist cutting a short bob.

Not every person with straight hair will look good with the same hairstyle. If you have an oblong face and fine hair, you might do best with a short to mid-length layered bob hairstyle. Bangs might also be a good look for you. If your face is round and your straight hair is very thick, consider a longer hairstyle. There are many choices to consider, but finding a favorable look does not have to be a challenge.

A woman with straight hair.
A woman with straight hair.

Make an appointment with a hair stylist or hair designer. Ask for a consultation before you get your hair cut. If you want to achieve the most flattering look, it's best to avoid a bargain hair-cutting service. Ask for a consultation with an experienced hair stylist with a full line service. She may suggest layers to add body to thin hair, or adding highlights to boost the volume.

Many hairstyles for straight hair feature bangs. If your hair is in good condition, bangs should be a flattering look for you. Bangs will also look nice if your face is rectangular shaped. To offset the angular shape of your face, choose bangs with a frayed or uneven cut. If you want to create an illusion of less weight to a very full, round face, avoid wearing blunt cut bangs. Instead, sweep your bangs to the side.

When deciding the best hairstyles for straight hair, consider a length that complements your height as well. If you are tall, you might look best with shoulder-length to long hairstyles. If you are petite, however, consider a short hairstyle, such as a bob.

Care and maintenance of a hairstyle is another important factor to consider. If you live a very active or busy lifestyle, consider hairstyles that are easy to maintain. Some hairstyles for straight hair will require extensive styling that can be time consuming.

A person's hair stylist can give them hairstyle suggestions.
A person's hair stylist can give them hairstyle suggestions.

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