How Do I Choose the Best Hair Gel for Men?

Erin J. Hill

Factors you should consider when choosing hair gel for men include the strength of the hold you'll need, the fragrance, and the price. There are also various gels made for certain situations, such as for men who play extreme sports. Other gels are designed to work for various hair types, such as curly or straight. You can also find hair gel for men that will allow you to create certain styles.

Strength and fragrance are two considerations when buying hair gel for men.
Strength and fragrance are two considerations when buying hair gel for men.

The strength is just one of the issues you should keep in mind when choosing hair gel for men. There are gels which have a light hold for less buildup and just a touch of added protection throughout the day. Others have supreme holds to allow you to create spikier or longer lasting styles. These can often be stiff or hard to the touch, but there are newer options that may offer the hold without the stiffness.

Most hair gel for men will have a fragrance similar to cologne or men's body wash. If you can't find a scent you like amongst men's hair gel, there are other which have fragrances that work equally well for men and women. Most times, you can sample fragrances in the stores before you buy to ensure you like them. Keep in mind that most scents will fade over time as you wear them, so a strong scented gel won't necessarily be overpowering once you have it on.

If you are on a budget, you should figure out the price you want to pay for hair gel for men before you begin shopping. Luckily, most brands are highly affordable and won't break the bank even for those with limited funds. Some salon or designer brands can be more expensive though, so if there is a brand you enjoy, you'll need to determine if the type you want is within your price range.

There are also gels made for certain situations, so if you are an athlete or engage in other activities which could lead to sweating, you should keep this in mind. Some gels are made to resist sweat and water, so the hold lasts even through a strenuous workout or dip in the pool. These varieties are also useful for those with hard to manage hair, since they usually hold much stronger than other gels.

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