How Do I Choose the Best Hair Comb Accessories?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
Woman shopping
Woman shopping

From simple up-sweeps to intricately detailed hairstyles for special occasions, hair comb accessories can help you create a gorgeous look. Choosing the best combs has much to do with they type, style, length, and texture of your hair. You don’t want hair comb accessories to slip out of place leaving your great “do” a mess, so choose carefully and try the combs out before any big occasion.

Extra long or thick hair will require larger combs with more capacity in order to work well. Small combs may work as long as you secure them only to small sections of hair. Texture is also a consideration. Very fine, straight, smooth hair may be difficult to hold in place with combs without the addition of product to give it some texture.

Your stylist is a good source of information when it comes to choosing hair comb accessories. He or she is familiar with your hair type and probably at least somewhat familiar with your fashion sense. Don’t be shy about asking for suggestions.

Also, shop around in your favorite stores and online to find the biggest selection of hair comb accessories from which to choose. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you spot a great comb but think maybe it “isn’t you,” give it a try anyway; you might just be surprised. Accessories can completely change the way you look and feel, so go for it.

For everyday wear, you may opt for simple hair comb accessories that go well with any outfit. A neutral color in a simple design is perfect for daily use for many people. Of course, you can always change things up a bit with a cool new comb. There are some very hot styles available, including everything from vintage combs to very modern styles. You might just want to choose several different combs to create one look for work, one for going out, and another for casual times.

If you are shopping for hair comb accessories for a special occasion such as a wedding, there are a number of wedding accessory outlets that offer tons of varieties from which to choose. Make sure the wedding combs will work with your hair type, the hairstyle you plan to wear, and any other headpieces, such as a veil. Also, making sure they work with your other jewelry and accessories is an important consideration.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping