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How do I Choose the Best Fringe Curtains?

Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch

The whole purpose of fringe curtains is to make a positive alteration to a home’s decor. When choosing the best curtains, it is necessary to know the reason why they are being purchased. For example, long curtains add height to a room; thick curtains offer privacy. Lined curtains prevent sunlight from fading them while unlined curtains are easier to wash. It is also worth noting that leftover curtains can be used to decorate furniture and should be taken into account.

Fringe curtains offer style and class to any room in the home. The first step when choosing curtains is to measure the size of the window where they are to be hung. It is also necessary to consider the shape of the window. Always choose a set of curtains that match a room’s existing decor.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

In order to draw attention to the windows, purchase long fringe curtains. Hang the curtain pole about 20 cm (8 inches) above the window frames. This has the effect of making the windows look much larger than they are. Allow the curtains to flow past the bottom of the window frame to make the room look even bigger.

Remember, curtains are not only there to look pretty; they also have a functional use. Long, thick fringe curtains are ideal for those looking to maintain privacy. Bedroom curtains should also be made from thicker material. This prevents light rays entering the room and disturbing the sleep of the occupants. Kitchen curtains should be made from sheer material to add brightness to the room.

Another importance aspect of choosing fringe curtains is the decision to pick curtains with or without a lining. Curtains with lining on them stop stains appearing due to dirt picked up from the window. Lining also prevents the sun from fading the curtains.

Curtains without lining are a lot lighter and easier to wash. Unlined curtains also keep the room cool during the summer. Areas like the kitchen and bathroom produce plenty of steam and require regular washing. These are often the best rooms for unlined curtains.

Rooms that have an array of pictures and accessories should not have fringe curtains with gaudy coloring. Neutral colors will make sure that the room does not look cluttered or messy. On the other hand, dull rooms need bright colors to liven them up.

The beauty of fringe curtains is the fact their use is not restricted to windows. Placing curtains with light fabric over doorways adds mystery to a home. It is also possible to use leftover fabric from curtains to place on top of furniture as a means of redecoration.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book