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How do I Choose the Best Folding Power Wheelchair?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

If you are considering a folding power wheelchair, try to determine how easy it is to fold and unfold. Think about the weight of this machine and how it is constructed. Sit in it, if possible, to see if it is comfortable, and try to adjust the footrest and seat height as well. Check with the manufacturer to see what kind of warranty is available for this equipment, and whether or not the company files claims with medical insurance companies.

Think about whether you might be traveling — alone or with a companion — in your folding power wheelchair. Decide who might fold this piece of equipment up and load it into a vehicle so it can be transported. If you will be doing this activity yourself, you should try to do it before you buy one. If you normally rely on someone's assistance, take your helper with you when you are shopping and have them attempt this feat as well.


Folding wheelchairs often have parts that come off more easily than types that do not fold. They are typically lighter in weight as well. This might mean that they are not as durable as traditional wheelchairs, so you should inspect the piece carefully for signs of poor construction, flimsy frames, or loose control mechanisms.

By sitting down in a folding power wheelchair, you can get an idea of how comfortable it might be to ride in. Check to see if the seat positions adjust and how easy it is to do so. Move the footrest up and down, to see if it can be placed at a height that suits you.

The warranty offered with a power wheelchair might vary from one brand to the next. Talk with a sales representative to see what type is offered for the model you are considering. Find out whether or not the manufacturer is willing to file a claim with your insurance company, or if you need to do this paperwork yourself.

Your insurance carrier may have specific criteria that must be met before it can pay for a folding power wheelchair. Try to find out what these requirements are ahead of time. The company may be able to recommend a chair that meets both your needs and its requirements, which could save you time.

A folding power wheelchair can greatly enhance the quality of life for those who have limited mobility. This is because they can usually be used at home as well as when shopping or running errands. This means that choosing the right model can be very important for people needing assistance in order to perform daily activities.

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