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How do I Choose the Best Folding Elliptical?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers

If you are determined to exercise at home, but lack a lot of extra space, you should consider buying a folding elliptical. This product allows you to take it out when you are ready to exercise, and fold it up for storage so that it does not take up space when not in use. Before choosing one, you should consider the specifications, such as the height of the product and the weight limit. Find out whether it comes with a display console that tells you the calories burned, miles walked, and more. Finally, consider the extra accessories that you would like, such as a water bottle holder, a fan, and a plug for your MP3 player.

Despite that fact that the typical folding elliptical can be collapsed and stored away, most are still as tall as standard workout equipment. This means that you will need a storage area that is either tall enough for the folded up product, or wide enough for you to lay it down on the floor. If you lack enough room to comfortably store this type of elliptical, you may need to opt for a miniature product instead, which is usually made up of just the foot pedals rather than the addition of the arm handles. You can check the specifications of the elliptical before you buy to make sure that it is not too tall for your home. While you are looking up this information, you should make sure that you are not above the maximum weight limit for the folding elliptical that you are considering.

Women on elliptical machines.
Women on elliptical machines.

Some particularly inexpensive ellipticals come with just the foot pedals and arm handles, with no display screen. Of course, while this accessory is not required to get a good workout, most modern machines do include it so that you can track the amount of calories you have burned and the distance you have gone. Some also include a heart rate monitor and a way to change the amount of resistance on the product. Varying fitness programs are often available, as well, ensuring that you do not get bored easily with your folding elliptical. Consider whether you would use these items, or would prefer to save money by buying the most basic model instead.

You may find other options helpful, as well. For example, many ellipticals feature the ability for you to plug in your MP3 player so that you can scroll through your playlist using the console. Such products typically allow you to either plug in headphones or use the machine's speakers to listen to your music. Of course, you can expect to pay extra for such features on a folding elliptical. A fan that increases its speed as you go faster, along with a water bottle holder, can also be found on some products, allowing you work out in comfort.

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    • Women on elliptical machines.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Women on elliptical machines.