How Do I Choose the Best Feminine Deodorant?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

Choosing the best feminine deodorant comes down to checking the form of the deodorant and whether the woman feels the ingredients are safe given any medical concerns or current conditions. Women who have problems with perspiring also should check if the deodorant has antiperspirant capabilities. Conducting a physical test of the deodorant also is necessary.

A feminine deodorant.
A feminine deodorant.

The first priority a lady should have when locating the best feminine deodorant is to determine which form of deodorant will work. Feminine deodorants come in powder-based solids or sticks, gels, roll-on, spray and natural crystal. Much of the time, the decision about which form is better is simply a matter of how the product feels to the woman.

If a woman wants to use a scented product, she should take into account the strength of the smell.
If a woman wants to use a scented product, she should take into account the strength of the smell.

Solids dry very quickly, but they can flake or crumble and leave residue. Gels take a little longer to dry, but provide a very smooth application. Roll-on feminine deodorant also provides a smooth application, but is troublesome if the armpits are not shaved; hair tends to get caught in the roller mechanism. Spray allows the woman to use a very light amount of product, but not all the spray actually hits the armpit, and the aerosol cans in which the sprays come are not the most environmentally friendly choice. Natural crystal deodorant can be very effective, but it is very hard and therefore not always especially comfortable to apply.

Once a person has settled on the form of deodorant that seems best, look at whether the deodorant is also an antiperspirant. If it is, this means that the product not only fights the bacteria causing the body odor, but also blocks the pores from releasing sweat. This is good for people who sweat a lot or very easily, but some people want to avoid deodorants with antiperspirants because they believe it is bad to prevent the skin — a waste removal organ — from getting rid of some of the toxins naturally released with sweat.

Next, examine the full ingredient list for the feminine deodorant. Certain ingredients such as aluminum are thought to be connected to problems such as Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer, although a link has not been definitively shown. Additionally, some deodorants contain fragrances or dyes, which might cause allergic reactions in some people. Sticking with an all-natural, fragrance-free, organic feminine deodorant often is the best option for people who are very health conscious or who have skin or smell sensitivity. If a woman wants a scented product, she should be careful about the strength of the smell, not only because it can overpower other scents such as perfumes she might wish to wear, but also because it can trigger reactions in others.

Finally, test the feminine deodorant physically. Sometimes a deodorant smells wonderful in the container, but when mixed with sweat, takes on an odd scent. Furthermore, although manufacturers often make claims such as "all day protection," the lasting power of a deodorant can vary drastically based on the person's environment and sweat tendencies. A physical test is the only way to really tell whether the deodorant is the best in terms of no residue, a pleasing while-worn aroma and longevity of performance. Trial versions of deodorants are a great convenience in this regard because the woman does not need to spend a huge amount of money or purchase a lot of the product before making a final decision.

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