How do I Choose the Best Body Deodorant? (with pictures)

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye
Spray-on body deodorant.
Spray-on body deodorant.

When you choose a body deodorant, you need to get one that is designed to address your bodily needs. If you sweat a lot, get an antiperspirant. If your arms are often irritated, get a sensitive skin product. You will probably find it useful to get a product that dries clear. Also, choose one with a scent you like.

Your body and your lifestyle play major parts in determining what should be considered the best body deodorant for you. If you are on a budget, for example, and you have a domestic partner, you may be able to save money by purchasing a deodorant that is suitable for both of you. Although for many people the idea of deodorant being either masculine or feminine is deeply ingrained, there usually are not major differences between the two types of products.

A stick of underarm deodorant.
A stick of underarm deodorant.

It is very possible for people of opposite sexes to share body deodorant. If this is what you plan to do, in most instances, it will probably be best if a male product is chosen. One difference between masculine and feminine deodorants, however, is that feminine products often have more soothing ingredients. Women who shave their arms or who have sensitive skin may want to pay close attention to the ingredient list to avoid the possibility of irritation.

If you are already aware that you have sensitive skin, it is best to purchase a product designed to address this problem. Many of these products lack the harsh ingredients likely to cause you discomfort. Sensitive skin deodorants are usually available in all of the forms as regular products.

There are numerous forms of deodorants including roll-on, spray, and cream. Choosing the best one depends on your needs. If you find yourself perspiring in places other than the armpits, such as under the breasts or around your pelvic region, a spray type body deodorant may be best for you because you can use it where it is needed as long as you avoid sensitive areas such as the genitals. Furthermore, if you have a problem with sweat, you should purchase antiperspirant products. Be sure to read the labels because some products are only body deodorant, which will not stop perspiration.

If you wear sleeveless clothes or tend to do a lot of changing in the company of others, you need a body deodorant that dries clear. This should help eliminate the clumping effect that often results after applying deodorant. It can also help prevent unsightly residue on your clothes. Also, consider the scent of the product you choose. As it begins to work throughout the day, you may smell it so it should have a scent that you find pleasant.

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I think I've tried just about every deodorant brand on the market in an effort to deal with the fear of smelling bad.

These days I try to have at least two days a week without it. Because odor comes from bacteria I find using tea tree oil to be a good alternative. I hope to get brave enough to try this on a workday sometime soon.


@angelBraids - Sorry to hear about your problem. You don't mention whether you have talked to a health professional about this issue. If not then I would give it a try. Some people have underlying medical reasons for profuse sweating and odor.

You could also look at your diet. I have a friend who overcame this problem when she cut out most sugars.

Overall though you should see a doctor, as they can at least write a note for a special kind of deodorant, which is not available over the counter.


What's the best deodorant for body odor that is out of control? I've tried pretty much everything on the market, both by brand and type, and nothing seems to work for more than an hour or so.

I hope someone can help me because otherwise I'm going to have to move to an exremely cold climate as a last resort!

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    • Spray-on body deodorant.
      Spray-on body deodorant.
    • A stick of underarm deodorant.
      A stick of underarm deodorant.