How Do I Choose the Best Fashion Marketing Schools?

Helen Akers
Helen Akers
Fashion perspective is emphasized in some marketing instruction programs.
Fashion perspective is emphasized in some marketing instruction programs.

Fashion marketing schools offer both associate's and bachelor's degrees. In addition to degree programs offered, the decision of which school to attend will most likely be determined by career goals, convenience, admission standards, and costs. Some schools offer networking and internship opportunities with alumni and established industry contacts, which certain individuals find valuable to their career development. Location may also be a factor when choosing among various fashion marketing schools.

An examination of the degree programs and curriculum offered by the various fashion marketing schools is a good way to begin the decision process. There are some fashion marketing schools that only offer associate's degree programs, while others award a four-year bachelor's degree. Those who wish to pursue buyer or merchandise manager positions may experience more rewarding career benefits from pursuing a bachelor's degree. Since schools vary between their class offerings, taking a look at degree program requirements, degree titles, and available electives is an important research step.

Bachelor degree programs in marketing from fashion marketing schools can prepare students for business careers in other fields. The knowledge gained in marketing classes, such as consumer behavior, research, positioning and target market strategies can be applied to any industry. This is important for individuals who want to remain versatile. Smaller concentrations in areas such as publishing, retailing, event planning and entrepreneurship could also be available from schools that offer four-year degree programs.

Some fashion marketing schools offer a full degree in marketing that incorporates the fashion perspective. Other schools concentrate more heavily on the fashion industry and the creative process, while giving students exposure to basic marketing tactics. For prospective marketing professionals who want to gain practical experience prior to graduating, there are some degree programs that require the completion of a field study. These types of experiences are similar to an internship and connect students with working fashion industry professionals.

Field study and practical work experiences are typically offered by traditional brick and mortar fashion marketing schools. If a prospective student already has established contacts or a wealth of work experience, an online degree program may be a better fit. These programs typically offer a higher degree of convenience and flexibility and may be administered by traditional universities. One of the drawbacks to the online format is the lack of instant face-to-face interaction between students and teachers.

Tuition costs, admission standards, and location are other considerations to take into account when selecting a school. While most offer some sort of financial aid package, the long-term costs of taking out loans will be a vital factor. A prospective student shouldn't stretch beyond himself beyond his financial limits in exchange for a learning experience that may not offer a guarantee. It is also important to make sure that prerequisites and admission standards are attainable, as some programs have general education and grade point average requirements.

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    • Fashion perspective is emphasized in some marketing instruction programs.
      By: Wrangler
      Fashion perspective is emphasized in some marketing instruction programs.