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How Do I Choose the Best Eyelash Tweezer?

Dee Jones
Dee Jones

An eyelash tweezer is a beauty tool that can be used to pluck the eyelashes, apply false eyelashes and, in some cases, to pluck overgrown eyebrows. You may want to choose an eyelash tweezer that has flat or rounded tips rather than pointed tips, which will cut down on the amount of damage done to the eye or facial skin if there are any slips or mishaps. Before buying a new brand of tweezers, test them out to make sure that, when the tweezers are squeezed together, the tips fit together snuggly and line up perfectly. Tweezers can be made from many different materials, but those that are made of stainless steel are more durable, won't rust, and will last longer than tweezers made of most other, cheaper materials. Eyelash tweezers should have a comfortable and secure grip, which will make them less likely to slip and cause injury.

When buying an eyelash tweezer, decide on which type of tip you would prefer. Precision-tip tweezers, also called needle-nose tweezers, have a long, pointed tip, and are very good at adding or removing fine facial hairs like eyelashes; the sharp pointed tips are a safety concern, however. Angle-tip tweezers have a slanted, angled tip, and won't cause as much damage to the eyes or skin if there is a slip. The safest choice for an eyelash tweezer might be a pair of tweezers with tips that are round and smooth, and it is possible to find round-tip tweezers that have an angled edge. Rounded tweezers are usually best for applying false eyelashes.

Tweezers are handy to keep in any makeup bag for instant hair removal.
Tweezers are handy to keep in any makeup bag for instant hair removal.

Tweezers that don't close tightly won't be able to grasp and pull out very fine hair, so you may want to try them out before you buy them. If you're buying online or from a catalog and cannot test them first, check reviews of the product to see if other buyers have reported problems. You'll also want to find out what the return policy is in case the tweezers do not work as well as you want. If you're using the tweezers to apply false eyelashes, you'll want to choose a pair that can grasp firmly, but which don't damage the lashes themselves, so the sharp, angled tip might not be necessary.

Rounded tweezers are best for applying false eyelashes.
Rounded tweezers are best for applying false eyelashes.

It should be possible to close the tweezers without a lot of force or strain. Choose tweezers with an ergonomic, non-slip grip, which will feel comfortable in the hand and won't cause a hand cramp during use. If the tweezers are easy and comfortable to use, you're also less likely to slip and injure yourself.

Tweezers can be made of many different materials, including stainless steel, titanium, and plastic. Steel is usually a good choice, as it's less likely to break or be damaged than plastic; titanium is more expensive and less commonly used for beauty applications. If you do choose plastic tweezers, it's usually best to pick ones that have metal tips, which are usually better than plastic at grabbing fine hairs. A very sharp tip can also help to grasp short hair.

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@ysmina-- I use a curved eyelash tweezers with a fine and sharp tip. But since it's curved it's never at a dangerous angle. The fine tip allows for precision so that I can remove the exact eyelash I'm aiming for.

The eye area is very small and sensitive and using wide tipped tweezers will cause too many eyelashes to be plucked. There is an eyelash on my right eye that always persists on growing inward. It literally grows in the opposite direction into my eye and causes pain and discomfort. So I need to remove that eyelash on a regular basis but I don't want to remove the eyelashes nearby. Precision eyelash tweezers with a fine tip work best.


I'm shopping for eyelash tweezers and I'm surprised to see that most eyelash tweezers are very fine and sharp. How do people use them?!


I have eyelash applicator and removal tweezers that I use for applying and removing false lashes. They have long slightly rounded edges that make it easy to hold the eyelashes and apply them very close to the eye. They work great and make the process much easier. They're also much safer than regular tweezers because even the slanted tweezers can be dangerous to use for eyelashes. I have accidentally poked my eye several times with them while applying eyelashes.

Since they're stainless steel, I suspect that they will last me a long time.

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    • Tweezers are handy to keep in any makeup bag for instant hair removal.
      By: Africa Studio
      Tweezers are handy to keep in any makeup bag for instant hair removal.
    • Rounded tweezers are best for applying false eyelashes.
      By: katalinks
      Rounded tweezers are best for applying false eyelashes.
    • Tweezers are used to pluck overgrown eyebrow hairs.
      By: MarkFGD
      Tweezers are used to pluck overgrown eyebrow hairs.