How Do I Choose the Best Electronic Watches?

Patti Kate

When shopping for electronic watches, determine how much you are willing to spend. Closeouts and clearance sales may offer quality watches at bargain prices. Decide which features are important to you and narrow your choices. If the watch is for everyday use, choose a casual style with a durable strap. Children's electronic watches should have a rubberized band for durability.

Runners may use athletic watches to monitor their speed, distance, and heart rate.
Runners may use athletic watches to monitor their speed, distance, and heart rate.

You might be able to find a good deal on electronic watches at an Internet auction. Be sure to read the description carefully, and note the type of display the watch face has. Electronic watches need to have a brightly lit and easy-to-read display. There should be a contrast in color between the display and background for easy viewing in low light or sunny conditions.

If your eyesight is poor or you have trouble seeing small images, you might do best with an electronic or digital watch that has a large display. An electronic watch with a back light is best. In addition, choose an electronic watch with a scratch-resistant coating, especially if you are active or work with your hands.

Before you decide which digital or electronic wristwatch to buy, you should compare the features of different brands. It's best to buy a watch from a reliable watch manufacturer rather than an unknown brand name. Watches manufactured by name-brand companies generally stand behind their product and offer good customer service and warranty protection. If you're uncertain about which brands of watches are best, do some online research.

Decide whether you prefer a basic digital watch or one with many features. These days, most electronic watches have convenient features such as a calendar or date display. Some electronic watches, especially children's styles, have digital games. Be aware that a watch with many features could also have a reduced battery life.

If you enjoy sports or work around water, consider an electronic watch that is water resistant. Although these watches aren't meant to submerge in deep water, they are made to withstand moisture more than ordinary wristwatches that are not water repellent. Water-resistant watches are a must for those who wash their hands frequently, such as nurses and doctors.

Women might prefer an electronic watch with a ceramic, enamel, or metal bracelet. These fashion watches are a good choice for gift-giving, as they are versatile enough to be worn for casual or dress wear. When choosing a bracelet style watch, be sure the band is adjustable for a perfect fit.

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