How do I Choose the Best Driving Instruction?

Erin J. Hill

Finding the right driving instruction may depend on many factors, including cost and certification. If you have had your licensed revoked, for instance, then you will likely need to find a driving instructor who is licensed or certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles or the government agency in your area. Those who are learning to drive for the first time may not legally need a specific school, but finding one that is worth the money is important. To find the best driving instruction, get referrals from your local government agency, ask friends or family members, or check your local phone directory for listings.

Students will learn about various highway markings during a driving class.
Students will learn about various highway markings during a driving class.

When you contact each driving instruction school, find out what services they offer. If you will need to study for your initial driving theory test, then you may choose a school which offers test preparation as well as practice time behind the wheel. Some classes may be offered through public high schools, so, if you are a high school student, find out if this is available in your area. Otherwise, narrow your list to the schools who offer everything you need.

New drivers can be taught by legal guardians at night.
New drivers can be taught by legal guardians at night.

Consider the overall price when choosing a driving instruction school as well, but you should think about what you are getting for the cost. If a school offers a guarantee that you will pass the driving exam, for instance, then they may have a higher fee than a school that does not. This may well be worth it if you have never driven before and need the extra time and attention a guarantee may offer. Beware of any schools charging prices that seem much too low in comparison with others, especially if they offer accelerated learning. Many times, these are untrained teachers who may not offer you the skills you need to succeed.

If you are being required to take driving instruction by law in order to regain a revoked license, then you will need to choose a school that is in accordance with your sentence. Ask the appropriate officials for a list of schools in your area who offer the approved coursework, and choose from that list. Going with a school that is not included may result in not being able to try for your license, as well as wasting money on classes that were not helpful.

New drivers can often legally be taught by friends and family members who are of a certain age, and by legal guardians at night. This is often the best option for families who cannot afford driving school; however, it's not always feasible if the teacher becomes too nervous to teach driving techniques appropriately. Both teacher and driver should be comfortable while in the car.

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