How do I Choose the Best Discount Shampoo?

Mandi R. Hall
Mandi R. Hall
Plastic bottles of shampoo.
Plastic bottles of shampoo.

When considering a discount shampoo, first consider your hair’s needs. If you need shampoo for dry hair, don’t buy a shampoo for oily hair just because it’s cheaper. Discontinued or clearance shampoo may be found in a variety of formulas. To choose the best discount shampoo, shop around first.

Shampoo is discounted for a number of reasons. Regardless of the reason, the consumer can benefit from the discount. Be sure to research the product before purchasing it in mass quantities, however. If the product has been discontinued due to poor customer reviews, it may be a sign that you should choose a different shampoo. Furthermore, while coupons often may not be used for clearance items, they generally may be used with sale items for a bigger discount.

Outlet stores may offer good discount shampoo choices.
Outlet stores may offer good discount shampoo choices.

Make sure you’re looking in the right section of the store when choosing discount shampoo. At drug or department stores, the sale shampoos may be grouped together in one aisle or on an end cap shelving unit. Other stores may group each manufacturer’s items together. Another tactic is to group shampoos for oily hair separately from dry-hair shampoos or damaged-hair shampoos. If your hair feels rough and looks fried, choose a dry hair shampoo for best results.

If you’re interested in naturally aromatic or organic products, try an herbal or organic shampoo. While these may be sold at regular drug stores, they are generally found at health food stores or even the local farmer’s market. At a farmer's market, you may be able to negotiate for a cheaper price. If this is the case, you may be able to get a cheap shampoo that's also extremely nourishing for your hair.

Outlet stores are a great place to find discount shampoo. A beauty-centric outlet store typically carries a plethora of beauty supplies, including hair care items. These outlet stores sell brand-name merchandise at a lower, closer-to-wholesale price. Choosing a shampoo from such a trusted and highly-reviewed source is a smart idea.

Instead of using a retailer, the manufacturer sells directly to the consumer at an outlet store. In order to operate a successful outlet store, the manufacturer must be fairly well-liked in the public. The products are generally well-liked by other consumers, in that case, and may be good discount shampoo choices.

A beauty store might be your best bet for locating a decent discount shampoo. Many of these stores employ certified cosmetologists or estheticians who know a great deal about hair. Purchasing discount shampoo from a person knowledgeable in the field is one way to ensure that you’ll like the product you’ve bought.

Buying shampoo in salon-sized containers is generally cheaper than buying shampoo in smaller bottles more often. The larger the bottle, the cheaper the shampoo generally is per ounce. As a bonus, these larger bottles often come with a handy pump for easier use. These large shampoo bottles are sold at discount and beauty stores. Some, though not all, of these stores require their customers to have a cosmetologist license.

Try shopping online for cheap shampoo. While you won’t be able to smell it before purchasing, you can likely still read the labels. Be careful of shipping costs, however. A discount shampoo may not end up being cheaper, if the shipping costs too much.

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    • Plastic bottles of shampoo.
      Plastic bottles of shampoo.
    • Outlet stores may offer good discount shampoo choices.
      Outlet stores may offer good discount shampoo choices.