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How do I Choose the Best Dining Chair Pads?

Susan Grindstaff
Susan Grindstaff

You should probably choose dining chair pads based on the design of your dining room furnishings and the overall room décor. As with any purchase, you should also determine the amount of money you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. Just because you may be able to afford a significant outlay of cash does not necessarily mean dining chair pads would be worth that much to you. Other factors to consider include ease of cleaning and attachment.

Dining chair pads should act as a compliment to the room décor and furniture design. You might also think about some of your favorite table coverings and table settings, as you will probably want your dining chair pads to coordinate with those. If they do not, you may end up having to buy new tableware and coverings to match the pads. If that ends up being the case, remember that the overall amount of money you spend will increase.

Woman posing
Woman posing

For dining rooms with a rustic décor, you might want to consider chair pads made of rough or natural fibers such as loosely woven canvas or burlap. For county cottage themes, floral chintz or plaid silks might work well. If your dining room has a dramatic or elegant décor, dining chair pads would probably look nice done in coordinating brocades or jacquards.

No matter how much care you take, in most cases, dining chair pads will become soiled. Even the most well-intentioned guest or family member will have the occasional spill while at the table, so if your dining chair pads have to be dry cleaned, that will add to the cost of maintenance. Most fabrics will hold up to machine washing and drying as long as they are made of fabrics blended with polyester. Fabrics that will shrink with machine cleaning include cotton, rayon, wool, and silk. In some cases, silks and wools can be completely ruined unless they are dry cleaned.

Once you have decided on fabric, style, and cost, you will need to locate dining chair pads that fit your criteria. Most retailers that specialize in home décor carry these pads. If you are unable to find any ready-made pads you like, you might want to look into having some custom made. This may cost a bit more, but you will likely have a much wider selection in both color and style if you have them custom made.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing