How do I Choose the Best Dermatomyositis Treatment?

Nat Robinson
Nat Robinson
Pain relievers are an option for some people with dermatomyositis.
Pain relievers are an option for some people with dermatomyositis.

Dermatomyositis is a type of inflammatory muscle disease. The disease causes weakness and inflammation in the muscles and a rash on the skin. The best dermatomyositis treatment will typically vary according to disease severity. Some of the most common treatments include pain relievers, corticosteroids and antimalarial medications. In addition, different types of therapies such as speech and physical therapies may be used as treatments for dermatomyositis.

Pain relievers can be one option for dermatomyositis treatment. For many suffers of this muscle disease, pain relievers may help reduce moderate discomfort and substantial pain. Some individuals may choose to purchase regular strength pain relievers over the counter. If the pain is chronic and extreme, a prescription pain medicine may be necessary for the most relief. When visiting a doctor for a pain reliever, he or she will generally recommend taking the medicine under certain guidelines.

Corticosteroid treatment may also be used for this disease. In general, corticosteroids work as an anti-inflammatory agent. For this reason, individuals who use this dermatomyositis treatment will typically experience a reduction in inflammation in their muscles and skin. Corticosteroids are also effective by suppressing an individual's immune system. Doctors typically prescribe corticosteroids according to the individual patient and may start off using a higher dosage and decrease the strength over time.

Dermatomyositis treatment may also include different types of antimalarial medications. They are effective because they reduce inflammation. Antimalarial medications are commonly used for skin rashes and pain in the muscles and joints. As they may appease some of the most problematic symptoms of this disease, antimalaria medicines may be a suitable dermatomyositis treatment for many individuals.

Various therapies may be additional types of dermatomyositis treatments. Speech therapy may be useful for some individuals who have difficulties talking or swallowing due to weakened throat muscles. Physical therapy may also be used as treatment for dermatomyositis. This treatment can be very beneficial in helping individuals maintain their muscle strength, normal activities and flexibility.

Individuals with dermatomyositis should see their doctor regularly. Doctors treating patients with this disease will conduct numerous routine tests. The outcome of these tests will help physicians in assisting patients with the best dermatomyositis treatment for their individual case. In addition, some treatment options may be combined if that will best serve the patient. If a certain treatment needs to be reduced or discontinued, patients should do this under the guidance of a physician and not on their own accord.

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    • Pain relievers are an option for some people with dermatomyositis.
      Pain relievers are an option for some people with dermatomyositis.