How do I Choose the Best Custom Rugs?

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Sheri Cyprus
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The best custom rug is one that serves your purpose for choosing custom rugs over ready made ones. For instance, many people choose custom carpet because they want unique rugs in their home or business. A sports clubhouse rug could feature the team logo and colors, but some carpet buyers want custom made rugs not only for a unique look, but to fit an oddly shaped area in a room.

It’s a good idea to think of unusual rug shapes to make the most of a room’s shape when getting a custom rug made. Most custom rug companies don’t charge extra to create shapes that aren’t standard such as circles, triangles or L-shaped pieces, but you should contact different firms to compare pricing. Unusual rug shapes can look amazing when they fit the room space, but otherwise could just look strange if they are chosen only for the purpose of having a unique shape.

Custom rugs are available in both area and wall-to-wall styles. A wall-to-wall custom rug may feature a border design. Staircase custom rugs may cover the entire staircase or just fit down the center of the stairs with the sides left bare. When customizing a design for the staircase rugs, thought should be given to how the pattern will be affected by the shape of the stairs. Custom staircase rugs look best when they coordinate with the carpeting at the top and bottom of the stairs.

If you aren’t using company colors or logos, you must decide which colors and pattern will work with your particular space. You could first look at pre-made rugs to get ideas of what you don’t want, because if you do see a ready made rug you want, it may not be worth paying for a custom rug. Consider your décor and use your imagination as to what kind of rug design, material, texture and theme would best suit your style and space.

After you’ve given custom rugs some thought, you can check out websites of custom rug designers to get ideas of what types of carpets they can create and what their prices are like. Don’t forget to check the terms of service and shipping costs. Most custom flooring companies will send color and material samples. Handcrafted, custom rugs can make wonderful conversation pieces and help make your home or business décor uniquely yours.

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