How do I Choose the Best Outdoor Rugs?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
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Woman with a flower

Outdoor rugs often have the same function as indoor rugs do, which is typically to add style to an area while also protecting the floor underneath. Therefore, you should put the same thought into choosing one as you would a rug for the inside of your home. Size and shape are among the most basic details to consider, requiring you to measure the space you have available before you shop. Color and pattern should also be considered, at which point you should determine whether you want the rug to stand out or blend in. Durability is often a necessity for any outdoor rugs, as they should be able to stand up to the elements.

The first step to browsing outdoor rugs is to measure the amount of space you have available. Once you measure the width and length of the area, start looking for rugs that are slightly smaller than your measurements. This will allow you to have a small border of bare ground around the rug, which is especially helpful when you want to clean under it. Of course, if your objective is to cover your entire patio with the rug so that you can place all of your outdoor furniture on it, look for one that matches your measurements as closely as possible.

Consider the color and design that you would prefer before you buy. For example, if you want the rug to stand out, look for outdoor rugs with bright colors and bold designs. In this case, you may consider finding one with colors that contrast with the existing shades in your yard. On the other hand, outdoor rugs that are the same color as your patio furniture tend to blend in, as do those that are just one solid color. Keep in mind the fact that lighter hues tend to make the area look larger, while darker colors can make most areas look small and cozy.

One of the most important features of outdoor rugs is durability, as they will need to withstand all kinds of weather. If the climate you are in is usually hot and sunny, pay particular attention to outdoor rugs that are labeled resistant to fade, as direct sunlight can gradually wash out color. On the other hand, if your area is prone to lots of rain or snow, water-resistant outdoor rugs are likely best. Many rugs for the outdoor area are also stain-resistant, which is ideal for patios that get lots of foot traffic, so consider this detail in order to keep the rug looking new and clean for as long as possible.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower