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How do I Choose the Best Custom Modular Homes?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

Custom modular homes provide a way for middle class and lower income families to own a home, because they are generally less expensive than traditional houses. Even with the lower price tag, modular homes are often equally as attractive as conventional models; with some of them appearing identical to a typical brick and motor house built on site. Choosing the best custom modular homes for the price can be tricky, but with a little planning anyone can have the home of their dreams for less than may be expected.

There are builders who specialize in custom modular homes. Some of them allow buyers to customize nearly every aspect of the building process, while others give potential homeowners a number of options from a pre-compiled list. Whether custom designing a home is more or less expensive than a pre-designed model will depend on the individual's taste in materials and fixtures. In many cases, custom modular homes are still less expensive than a home built the traditional way.

Some builders specialize in custom modular homes.
Some builders specialize in custom modular homes.

Potential home buyers should start by shopping around for sellers or builders of custom modular homes. One should not settle for the first builder he meets. It is also important to view previous homes built or homes that are currently for sale by the same builder to ensure quality in construction and materials. Talking with previous customers is also recommended in order to get an idea of what one can expect while working with a particular company.

Builders should be interviewed extensively to build trust and ensure quality work and timeliness. Luckily, it is usually possible to feel a builder out by asking questions. Answers should be clear and concise, without a lot of jargon or "ifs." If something doesn't sound right, it is best to move on.

In the case of a pre-designed modular home, one must be sure that all customization options-such as light fixtures, floor plans, and colors- are acceptable. If not, finding a fully customizable plan may be a better option. This ensures that all aspects of the home are to the buyer's liking.

To find a previously built modular home, or to find land for one being built, it is essential to find a good area that allows modular homes. Some neighborhoods do not allow any kind of manufactured housing, while others permit any kind of housing that complies to building and zoning laws. If land has not already been purchased before building starts, it will need to be before the home is complete.

If the home builder allows full customization, it is important to choose a floor plan that is not only suitable for living comfortably, but that will fit on the land available. If the home chosen is too large, it may be possible to scale down using the same basic layout. In any case, it is essential to choose a builder that understands his buyer's needs and is flexible enough to meet them.

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    • Some builders specialize in custom modular homes.
      By: benik.at
      Some builders specialize in custom modular homes.