How do I Choose the Best Custom Closet Doors?

Autumn Rivers

If you like to complete projects that customize your home to your exact specifications, you will likely enjoy selecting custom closet doors. This is a good way to allow even the smallest details in your house to reflect your tastes, and this route can permit your home to be truly unique. Before you choose new custom closet doors, consider the types of doors available, the decor of your house, and the kind of closet it is.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Many homes come with either sliding closet doors or a regular door on a hinge. Sliding doors are good for small rooms with little extra space for a door that opens outward, but one drawback is that they only allow you to access one part of the closet at a time. If you foresee needing to use both sides of the closet at the same time, sliding the door back and forth probably will not appeal to you. If you have plenty of space in the area where the closet is located, a hinged door, or pair of doors, might be best, since it allows access to the entire space at once. One type of closet door that is great for small spaces is the bifold, which is made of panels that fold up like an accordion when you open the door, and slide flat across the closet when closed.

If most of your house is outfitted with traditional décor, such as standard wooden doors in most rooms, you might want your custom closet doors to match. The main types of doors all come in wood, which can be plain or painted to neatly match the rest of your house. If you like a more modern look, you might prefer mirrored sliding doors, which many contemporary homes have as an upgrade. If you want truly custom closet doors, you can either paint them different colors yourself, or have them decorated with painted designs that represent your passions. These might include flowers, cartoon characters, or unique designs created by an artist.

Before you choose custom closet doors, you should consider the room in which they are located. If you are changing the look of a hall closet or linen closet that most people will see upon entering your home, keeping the style and color somewhat subdued could be a good idea since bright hues and odd designs could overwhelm guests. On the other hand, a kids' closet is usually perfect for bright colors and exciting designs, just as a master closet is typically a good place for classy custom closet doors that also serve as a mirror.

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