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How do I Choose the Best Curtain Set?

B. Miller
B. Miller

To choose the best curtain set, you will first need to measure your windows or doors to determine what sizes of curtains you need, and figure out how many sets you will need for each room. It will then be necessary to consider the decor of the room and see what style of curtains you want; you might want heavy drapes, sheer panels, lace curtains, or cafe-style curtains that only block part of the window. Some people decide to change the curtain set on their windows based on the seasons; for instance, heavier curtains in the winter and lighter curtains in the summer.

A curtain set can be a great way to dress an entire window at once. It may include the curtains themselves as well as tie-backs, and if the curtain set offers different tiers for layering or placing on different areas of the window, such as valances, these will be included in the set as well. It is much easier than purchasing and measuring all of these items separately. You can then simply purchase multiple curtain sets to hang in the same room or throughout the home so everything is coordinated.

Curtain sets should match the room's size and style.
Curtain sets should match the room's size and style.

Consider how you want the curtain set to look on the window; some people want to the curtains to extend just a few inches below the edge of the windows, while others want a more formal look and will purchase curtains that will reach to the floor. When purchasing heavier drapes, floor-length drapes are often a good choice because they will help to add an extra layer of insulation to the windows. This will often be very helpful with reducing heating bills in the winter. They may then be switched out for lighter curtains in the summer if desired.

Cafe-style curtains are often a good choice for kitchens, and sheer panels can be a good choice for bedrooms because they are available in many different colors and sizes. Lace curtains are another option that are slightly more formal and a popular choice for bedrooms. Choose colors and patterns that complement the existing decor in the home, because curtain sets are often the finishing touch for a redesigned room. A curtain set may also refer to a shower curtain with matching curtain rings. These may also be sold in a set with other items such as a soap dish, lotion bottle, or trash can for the bathroom.

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    • Curtain sets should match the room's size and style.
      By: koleg68
      Curtain sets should match the room's size and style.