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How Do I Choose the Best Cottage Signs?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Cottage signs are used in a number of ways. Some are used to indicate directions to a vacation home, while others are used as decor. The type of signs you choose can depend on what the cottage is used for, as you may want one type of sign for a beach cottage and another for a cabin home. Think about where you would like to place your signs and then consider the cottage decor you already have when making a decision. You can choose signs that are large or small, so the amount of space you have to devote to one of these signs can affect which one you buy.

Directional cottage signs are usually arrow shaped, with the owner's name or the cottage name painted on them. These signs are placed at intersections to allow guests an easy way to find their way to a destination. Many municipalities allow posting these without permission, and some construct sign posts for public use.

Your personality can play a role in the type of sign you choose for a cottage.
Your personality can play a role in the type of sign you choose for a cottage.

At the cottage, your personality can play a role in which cottage signs you choose. For example, you may want the signs to be whimsical, funny, thought provoking, or simply warm and inviting. This could be in the way of messages printed on the sign or special pictures or scenes painted on them. Think about the visitors you may receive at your family cottage when you are trying to decide which ones might work best in your cabin home.

Some people like to name their holiday cottage, and if this is the case, you may want to have cottage signs custom made for you. These signs might include the name of your cabin home along with a nature scene. This scene might be of a boat for a lake cottage, trees if it is a cabin home, or the ocean if used as a beach cottage. Even if you do not have a special name for your family cottage, you may still want to have custom signs with your last name or street address, as this can help people find you.

You can hang cottage signs inside or outside, and you will want different materials for each location. Vinyl signs could be best for outdoor use, while wooden or metal signs might work best indoors. If you do decide to use wooden or metal sign outdoors, you may want to choose ones that have polyurethane on them so they will be waterproof.

Think about where you might want to hang your cottage signs, and then try to determine if it will be easy to see them. If the signs will be mostly hidden by other cottage furnishings, you may want to choose ones that are on a pedestal rather than wall-mounted varieties. These might also be good options if these cottage decorations are going to placed in a garden or along a walkway as well.

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    • Your personality can play a role in the type of sign you choose for a cottage.
      By: lawcain
      Your personality can play a role in the type of sign you choose for a cottage.