How Do I Choose the Best Cosmetics Bag?

B. Miller

A cosmetics bag can be a great way to keep your makeup neat, organized, and easy to find when you need it. To choose the best cosmetics bag, first consider what you will use it for. Do you need to keep it in your purse, or will you use it for traveling? Or, will it stay in your home? This, as well as the number of different makeup products you want to store in it, will affect the size of the bag you purchase. You will also want to check the durability of it; in general, a bag with a zipper closure, made out of a sturdy nylon or polyester not only lasts longer, but is easier to clean in case something breaks or leaks inside the bag.

Cosmetic bags help keep makeup neat and organized.
Cosmetic bags help keep makeup neat and organized.

If you will be traveling with the bag or keeping it in your purse, you will likely want to choose a more compact cosmetics bag. If you'll be keeping it at home, a larger bag might suit your needs a bit better, particularly if you have limited counter space, and want to store all your items out of the way. In general, even smaller bags can fit a number of different cosmetics products; at least the most important ones such as eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, and concealer, as well as a compact or blush. This can be all that's needed to touch up the makeup during the day.

Blush may be featured in a cosmetic bag.
Blush may be featured in a cosmetic bag.

Some larger bags have different, individual zippered compartments, which can be helpful if you have a number of different products you'll be storing in the cosmetics bag. Some also feature removable organizers, which can be especially helpful when you are traveling. This can make products easier to find. In addition, consider whether the bag is easy to clean. A soft cotton bag might look nice, but if something leaks or explodes inside of it, it might be impossible to clean; worse still, it might leak through the bag and damage a more expensive purse or article of clothing.

Typically, a cosmetics bag with a zipper closure and tightly sewn seams is going to be more durable than one with a velcro closure. There are many different options for cosmetics bags in stores, or they may be ordered online. Ones that are ordered online can often be custom-designed with certain fabric choices or made in a certain size. Some people decide to purchase multiple matching cosmetics bags, and take one with them every day while leaving the larger version at home.

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