How do I Choose the Best Corner Curtain Rods?

J. Beam

Some windows, regardless of how aesthetic a view they provide, can be decorating nightmares when it comes to window treatments. Corner windows and bay windows pose especially complex decorating dilemmas. Addressing issues like privacy and interior décor with these types of windows is more challenging than with a standard window. Fortunately, specialty window hardware and corner curtain rods can solve these problems and choosing the right ones is fairly simple as long as you have measurements and ideas.

Installing corner curtain rods in bay windows can be a challenge.
Installing corner curtain rods in bay windows can be a challenge.

Having two walls with windows meeting in a corner is not at all uncommon, but may pose a problem when it comes to window treatments. The ideal solution for most of these windows is to dress it so it appears to be one large window rather than two adjacent ones. Installing two straight curtain rods as the foundation for the window treatments can make the fabric look interrupted and bunched together. By installing corner curtain rods, the fabric can continuously flow from the beginning edge of one window to the ending edge of the other.

Bay windows can also pose a similar dilemma to corner windows. Their unique shape makes hanging curtains, drapes, valances or scarves on a straight rod awkward looking. Luckily, manufacturers of window hardware have recognized that the need for complimentary corner curtain rods exists. These types of corner curtain rods feature two angles to better align with the shape of the window and provide the continuity of a single rod.

When choosing a corner curtain rod, determine whether you want the rod to be mounted inside the window frame or outside. The choice is a personal one, but keep in mind that smaller windows can be made to appear larger if the treatment falls outside the window frame. Similarly, large windows can be toned down by using streamlined treatments and avoiding excessive fabric. You might want to consider panels on the outer edges with a valance across the top, or you might want to use a scarf. Regardless of your decorative treatment, the right sized corner curtain rod will make the end result appear professional.

To get the right size rod, be sure to measure the distance from the corner to the window’s edge on each window. When selecting corner curtain rods, the dimensions are usually provided for the width of each side. Though there are a variety of materials available, metal rods are typically adjustable, ensuring a better fit. Make certain to consider not only the desired width of the rod, but its diameter and clearance. Typical curtain rod clearance is approximately 2 inches (5.1 cm) and is ideal for most types of treatments. If you have existing blinds installed outside the window frame, you should measure to determine the appropriate clearance.

Whether you are looking to dress a corner window, bay window or even a corner shower, there are specialty curtain rods available. In some cases when an adjustable or standard version corner curtain rod will suffice, they can be found fairly affordable. If you need to go with a custom rod, it will be more expensive, but the solution to a difficult window dilemma may be worth it. To make installation simple, be sure to verify that all hanging hardware is included.

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